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Mally Roncal is Everything!

Mally Roncal. Where do I even start with this goddess among women? For years, this celeb makeup artist was famous for A.) having one of the most dazzling client rosters in the land (J. Lo, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige), B.) pushing sexy makeup to its Divas Live hottest, and B.) being just as glam as her starry clients (the tumble of chestnut waves! The just-back-from-Ibiza complexion, like, always!). And then, seven years ago this month, Mally launched her own cosmetics line, Mally Beauty, whose revolutionary products became an instant industry game-changer — everything from a “bulletproof” foundation that doesn’t dare budge all day to the first truly universal blush I’ve ever tried. Here, in honor of Mally Beauty’s anniversary, the diva answers 10 Questions SYB Ask Everyone. Everyone who’s a makeup artist or hairstylist, that is.

And now, Mally.


Me: What are the favorite celeb looks you’ve created?

Mally: I did Jennifer Lopez’s makeup for her video, “Get Right,” and it was cray cray! The video had so many different looks, so it was a ton of work, but the end result was amazing! I love working with Jennifer…she’s so fierce, and not afraid to really go there.

'Get Right.' Enfuego by Mally.

I recently did Beyonce’s makeup for her 20/20 Interview with Katie Couric. She was pregnant with Blue and absolutely glowing! I kind of “grew up” in this industry with Beyonce, and seeing her experience the miracle of pregnancy was so incredible. Her joy was radiating from the inside out! We did a really fresh look — glowing, dewy skin, a soft smoky eye, and a great nude lip!

Me: Neon — over or ovah?

Mally: I’m all OVAH neon! I love, love, love the neon trend for makeup. One caveat: I like it bright, but not dayglow! Bright lips are my favorite way to incorporate this trend into your makeup. A amazing orange, red, or pink instantly brightens up your whole face, and it’s just a nice change from traditional lip colors.

Me: What are the five staples in your makeup kit?

Mally: Mally Beauty Face Defender, Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara, Mally Beauty Shimmer Shape and Glow, Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer, Mally Beauty Ultimate Brow Fix

Me: What makeup trick instantly glamifies your look?

Mally: Lining the inner rim of the eye equals instant fierceness! Just make sure to use an eyeliner that’s waterproof and safe for the inner rim, like my Evercolor Starlight Eyeliner.

Me: Best advice for creating the no-makeup makeup look?

Mally: Getting that “no-makeup” look actually does require quite a bit of makeup! First, start with a good moisturizer to smooth over any dry or flaky spots. Next, apply a good primer to fill in your pores and fine lines, creating an invisible barrier between your skin and your makeup. Apply a creamy concealer underneath your eyes, and then dab on any blemishes. Even out your complexion with a full coverage foundation (I use my Ultimate Performance Foundation and a powder brush to get that diffused, airbrushed look). Swirl a universally flattering pinky-peach blush onto the apples of the cheeks and define your brows using short, feathery strokes. Curl lashes, and apply two coats of black mascara on top lashes and one coat on the bottom. Finish with a soft pink or nude lip gloss.

Me: What beauty “don’t” drives you insane?

Mally: So many women are frustrated by makeup that doesn’t last and doesn’t live up to its claims, so they don’t wear any. That makes me so upset — every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful! That’s why I created Mally Beauty– so women could have cosmetics that they could trust to look good all day, for 20 hours plus. Even if you just take 5 minutes in the morning, it will make a difference in the way you feel for the rest of the day!

Me: Who’s your makeup icon?

Mally: My beautiful mother, the late Dr. Pilar Roncal is my makeup icon! She just radiated beauty from the inside, out.

Me: What’s the one makeup product every woman needs to own right now?

Mally: My Evercolor Poreless Face Defender! It’s the world’s first ever CLEAR setting “powder” that does everything a traditional translucent powder is supposed to do, without any of those yucky side effects. Best of all, it leaves your skin with a smooth, poreless, satiny-matte finish, hovering over pores and fine lines.

Me: All I want is gorgeous, glowy skin. How do I get it?

Mally: Start with a good moisturizer — even if you have oily skin, you always need to moisturize! Next, try a primer like my Perfect Prep Illuminating Poreless Primer to create a lit-from-within glow. Next, apply your concealer. I always recommend applying your concealer first; after covering up any redness or darkness, you may find that you need less foundation (or none at all!). Then, I always apply a highlighter across the lid, across the cheekbone, down the center of the nose, on the tip of the chin, across the cupid’s bow of the lip, and on the inner corners of the eyes. Finish with a pinky-peach blush for a gorgeous, healthy flush.

Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Illuminating Poreless Primer

Me: What’s your favorite so-wrong-its-right look?

Mally: You’re not “supposed” to match your makeup to your clothes, but I actually find that look so chic! It’s a great way to tie everything together. Simply pick on feature to match to your outfit, and keep the rest of your makeup soft and pretty. For example, if you’re wearing a purple dress, pair a great plum smoky eye with a soft pink cheek and a nude lip.

For more info on Mally Roncal and Mally Beauty, check out mallybeauty.com. Happy Anniversary, baby!



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  1. March 29, 2012 7:31 pm 

    I love Mally. And I loved Bey’s makeup when Mally was her regular makeup artist! You can tell the difference when she uses someone else, Bey needs to go back to Mally because she kept her look glowing at all times. Naturally sultry.

  2. April 14, 2012 4:53 am 

    I like your make-up reviews and tips they are very good

  3. BlackBetty
    May 11, 2012 8:50 pm 

    Love Mally! She’s so positive and has a lovely infectious spirit that won’t quit. I use her eyeliner and makeup. I’m gonna follow her 5 minute makeup hint. I look great with just mascara and highlighter but don’t do a think but slap on some moisturizer in the morning.

  4. wendy
    January 21, 2013 7:07 pm 

    I love mally. I use her a lot of her product from qvc. I have her face defender, primer, lip glosses and so much more. she has bullet proof products and great personality.