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Head Case

Hi ladies! So, I’m going to break out a little early for the Easter vacay…sadly, my uncooperative head has landed me in the hospital. I’m under strict orders not to do anything that requires thinking.

Me: But my blog! I just came back, my girls need me!

Dr. Ashina: You can’t even keep your eyes open, how are you going to type?

Me: I wrote an entire book with an icepack tied to my head with a statement scarf. I can do it!

Dr. Ashina: I don’t understand this ‘statement scarf.’

Me: It’s irrelevant.

Dr. Ashina: Take a break and let the meds work. This is urgent, Ms. Williams. Makeup? Is not urgent.

Makeup is urgent, but Dr. Ashina wouldn’t understand. This is a man who trekked across the tundra to seek a Western education and provide for his sprawling, hungry Serbian gypsy family. Eyeliner holds no weight with him.

My lips are so chapped in this dry hospital air, OMG. Constantly swiping on Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus . So moisturizing, and it gives my lips a cute hint of a tint. Which is totally lost on my cute Persian male nurse, because he's gay, dammit.

Girls, I’ll be back in full fighting form next Monday — until then, keep it pretty and have a glorious Easter!



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  1. April 5, 2012 6:42 pm 

    Awwww! Feel better, chica! Listen to what the Dr. says and get some rest!!

  2. Sara
    April 5, 2012 7:23 pm 

    Feel better soon, Tia!

  3. April 5, 2012 8:05 pm 

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Feel better soon, Tia!

  4. April 5, 2012 11:09 pm 

    Hope you’re better soon Tia. Happy Easter to you & your family!

  5. Caralynn
    April 6, 2012 1:25 am 

    I hope you feel better!

  6. DrennaB
    April 6, 2012 3:35 am 

    Tia, with all the e-love in the world I can send you, I say this: cut the ish and turn off the computer! Take care of yourself (even if just for the moment since I know the migraines will return) first!

    We’ll take pics in pastels for Easter & tweet them to you when you’re ready (well, not me b/c I don’t wear makeup but you know what I mean). Now gooooo!! *e-kisses*

  7. Angelica Golden
    April 6, 2012 4:18 am 

    Feel better soon!

  8. @felicity_happy
    April 6, 2012 2:53 pm 

    Gasp! Get well soon, doll!

  9. Nikki
    April 7, 2012 4:22 am 

    Follow Doctor’s orders and get some rest young lady :-). Stay Blessed and in Zen Mode. Smooches!

  10. April 7, 2012 2:29 pm 

    Rest up, chica! Looking forward to new posts next week 🙂

    April 8, 2012 4:49 am 

    I pray that you are better soon, Doll. Hugs!

  12. Simone Pratt
    April 9, 2012 3:19 pm 

    Take care of YOU and feel better soon!!!