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Instant Dirty Hair Refresher!

Okay, this is one hundred percent gross, but I promised myself when I launched SYB Part Dieux that I’d be totally honest with my girls. When I got out of the hospital last Friday, my migraine immediately came back. So I’ve been sequestered in bed since then. And I haven’t washed my hair in two and a half weeks. It smells like bleach-y hospital sheets, 5 Guys takeout and beauty girl shame. But I have three hair salon meetings today for The Fly Cut (#shimmy), so I have to pull myself together, ladies! In like an hour, eeek!

Wanna know my secret cocktail for perking up old, dirty, stinky hair?

Funky hair fairy dust.

When my hair’s dirty, it get super oily at the roots and my grown-out bangs. It kinda clumps together, which is not seductive. Usually, I’d just quickly wash and blowdry the front — but since I don’t have time this morning, it’s all about Cake Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder for Darker Hues (also comes in Lighter Hues), $16. This stuff is magical!! I sprinkle this completely translucent powder (not ashy at all, it disappears into your hair) into my roots and the front layers, flip my head over and massage it in with my fingers. When I flip my head back up, it looks like my blowout is brand new. Seriously. Oily clumps, gone. Aaaand the powder happens to smell faintly of Cinnabons, so that helps mask my stinky strands! But not as much as…

Eau de Everything Fresh

TRESemme Fresh Start Refreshing Mist ($5.99) is blended with some fabulous citrus-based, odor-neutralizing formula that instantly refreshes my dead ‘do. I simply lift random pieces of my hair and spritz it throughout (somehow, magically, it doesn’t leave my ‘do “wet”), shaking it up a little with my fingers. Et voila — my hair smells sparklingly springy, fresh as a daisy! And not only does the mist make it smell incredible, it adds shine and a bit of body. Every black girl needs this in her arsenal!

Okay ladies, off to my salon meetings. Don’t forget to sign up for The Fly Cut for exclusive discounts services at top black hair salons!

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  1. April 11, 2012 8:18 pm 

    Hmm, I’m gonna have to add these to my list of smell goods for the hair. I just recently got persuaded to try Angel Perfuming Hair Mist & Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume. I pre-poo using Amla Oil & while I love the strengthening, darkening, growth-enablingness of it all, the Indian spice aroma is way to much for my olfactory receptors… it tends to linger a bit even after I shampoo & condition so I’m on the hunt for a remedy!

    • Patrice
      April 11, 2012 11:12 pm 

      Sorry about the continuing migraine, Tia. I know they can be quite the ongoing bitch and hope you find relief soon. I’m so glad SYB is back. I used to read back in the day and love the realness with which you write I.e., yawn.com. That one brought the tears as I know what it is to fake the pretty while I feel awful inside (from MS) but have to keep it moving. I hate to quote Puffy but–Can’t stop, won’t stop.
      I wish you continued happiness and success. I know it’s not everything but dammit you look gorgeous!
      Any concealer or foundation suggestions for Roscea redness on the cheeks & nose? Or roscea advice at all.com? Thanks so much. Take all the time you need to heal.

  2. Ny
    April 13, 2012 1:45 am 

    Thank you so much for this post! I work out a couple days a week and post-workout my hair….well….stinks lol. I wash my hair once a week so I need a remedy that will keep my hair smelling fresh between washes. I’m a black woman who doesn’t want to choose between my hair & my figure so this ‘secret cocktail’ is exactly what I need. Thanks for your openness & honesty because your SYB fans love you for it!