Q&A Thursday: The Kardashian & Ko. Undereye Glow

Q: I want that glowy, highlighted undereye area a’la Kim Kardashian and her sisters. Bobbi Brown concealer is great to cover darkness, but to lighten? CRICKETS. Everytime I try, I just pile on products and end up with an undereye clusterfuzz. Help!  — Nicole


A: Swear to god, Kim and Ko. fully changed the makeup game with their luminous undereye situations. Who doesn’t want to look lit-from-within in precisely the place where you look the most tired, sallow and toe-up? I was discussing this very thing last night with celeb makeup artist Michael D. Patterson, while he expertly beat my face backstage at Origins’ third annual Earth Month concert. I was thrilled to be Origins’ “green carpet girl,” interviewing celebs like the itty-bitty Bachelorette and Sophia Bush (who didn’t remember me shooting her in ’02 for Teen People) and showing off my new coral lace frock!

I was so excited about my little dress -- and then my sister Lauren was like, "Cuuute! I saw Jennie Garth's 14 year old daughter wearing the very same one at the Teen Choice Awards!" I am a perpetual ninth grader.

Aaaanyway…I asked Michael for tips on how to get that Kardashian undereye glow, and he immediately whipped out MAC Prep + Prime Highlight Pen in Bright Forecast ($23). “It’s all about the Prep + Prime Pen,” he whispered in a conspiratorial tone. “It’s not shimmery, like most highlighters, which is key. This brightens and illuminates the area, instead of depositing a bunch of sparkle. Passe.”


“So, to get the look,” he continued, “apply your everyday concealer to cover the dark spots, and then layer Prep + Prime over the area. If you really wanna werk? Kim’s makeup artist is all about triangles. After applying concealer, use the pen to trace a large “V” shape under the eye, the wide part stretching from either end of your eye, the point hitting your cheekbone. Then fill-in with the pen and blend really well. You’ll be so bright you won’t know what to do with yourself. Living.”

Radiant Forecast, the peachy one at the bottom


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