10 Questions With Mylah Morales, RiRi’s Makeup Maven

Miss Mylah

Super swaggy, drop dead gorgeous and lethal with a lip brush, Mylah Morales is one of the industry’s most lauded celeb makeup artists (she’s also a closet queen, just like me — the two of us in the same room is an explosion of glitter, sequins and faux lashes). She’s worked with everyone from Jennifer Hudson to Leona Lewis, but she’s famous for changing the game as Rihanna’s makeup artist. Basically, she’s responsible for practically every wild, fab, trendsetting look RiRi’s rocked since she pon de replayed. Seriously. This woman is a visionary, an artiste.

Here, the jetsetting diva answers the ten questions I ask all my favorite makeup artists!

SYB: What beauty products are on your nightstand?

Mylah Morales: Caudelie Beauty Elixer, Talika Eye Therapy patches, Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask, Smart Water, my i-Phone, and moisturizer

SYB: What are the top 3 favorite celeb looks you’ve created? 

MM: I have so many…and they’d probably all have to come from Rihanna’s black hair era.  We had so much fun with that haircolor; it gave me some of my favorite red carpet moments!

Rihanna's '08 Kids Choice Awards look -- hot pink lips and teal liner -- helped ignite the Crayola-bright makeup trend. Mylah is so baller.

SYB: Neon…is it over or ovah?

MM: Over. I’ve done it to death! I prefer classic, timeless beauty.

SYB: What are the five staples in your makeup kit?

MM: Giorgio Armani foundation, a beauty blender sponge, lashes, moisturizer, bronzer

SYB: What makeup trick instantly glamifies your look?

MM: Easy — add lashes! A fierce fringe always adds glamour. Or try a bold, bright lip. Instant day-to-night swag.

Rihanna's Grammys 2012 look, courtesy of Mylah. Exquisite.

SYB: What’s your best advice for creating the no-makeup makeup look?

MM: Just apply concealer under the eyes and over any blemishes, add blush and finish with a little highlighter on the cheeks to add a luminous glow.

SYB: What beauty “don’t” drives you insane?

MM: Badly-blended makeup and overly-made up anything!

SYB: Who’s your makeup icon?

MM: I take a lot of my inspiration from old Hollywood goddesses like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Bridgette Bardot.

SYB: What’s the one makeup product every woman needs to own right now?

MM: Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick…I am currently obsessed.

SYB: All I want is gorgeous, glowy skin.  How do I get it?

MM: I live for glowy skin! For instant radiance, I use MAC Cream Color Base in Shell or any Nars highlighter.

SYB: This look is so wrong it’s right:

MM: Piling lashes on top of each other. It’s so wrong, but I live!

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    April 24, 2012 2:21 pm  Reply

    Rihanna always has expertly lined eyes.

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