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You Need This: Tangle Teezer

My curly girl.

My Lina Lina Bobina has glorious curls, but goddamn if they don’t get frightfully matted by the second or third day. Bathtime is always a nightmare on hair-washing days, with knots and tangles refusing to budge and Bobina shrieking “GENTLY MOMMY! NOVEMBA I SAID BE GENTLE?!!” (“novemba” means “remember.” She just discovered her birthday’s in November and she’s obsessed with the word). About a year ago, I went on a grand search of every hair website and online beauty supply store on the planet, searching for a detangling brush or comb to help with my baby’s knots. I ordered like fifteen different ones, but nothing really helped…until I found Tangle Teezer ($9.99, sallybeauty.com).

Tangles, schmangles


This little brush looks disturbingly like a Crayola-colored beetle, but whatever, it’s everything. It was built with an ergonomically sound design that allows the magically soft bristles to just breeeeze right through the worst tangles. And it works! I separate Bobina’s wet hair into four sections, slather on the Wen Cleansing Conditioner and run the Tangle Teezer through each section…and seriously, it’s like a slow-mo run on the beach. Plus, the bristles massage Bobina’s scalp, which she finds delightful. I’m so enamored of this thing, I make my Dominican stylist, “Sex on Fire,” use it on my hopelessly tangled transitioning tresses. Can’t gush enough.



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  1. Karah
    April 23, 2012 12:48 pm 

    I always swoon over the possibilities of this brush in the aisles of Sally Beauty Supply, but just can’t bring myself to buy it…This recommendation might be the boost I need. Thanks!

  2. Heather
    April 23, 2012 1:10 pm 

    I use this on my 3 year old who also has crazy curly hair. She doesn’t wince a bit or even realize I’m brushing her hair half the time. I actually got mine at my local kids’ salon….but it was worth every penny. Only wish I had found it sooner!

  3. April 24, 2012 2:04 am 

    I use this on my lil guy, and I agree, it does work!!! OMG, your daughter is beautiful.

  4. April 24, 2012 2:06 am 

    I own two of these! The tangle teezer is the truth!

  5. April 25, 2012 1:38 am 

    I was going to try, but after reading reviews on CurlyNikki’s blog, and many people had easy in combing out but had ends shredded. 🙁 I decided was not worth the risk. But on little one’s hair, which is stronger and thicker, might work better.

  6. May 1, 2012 9:39 pm 

    This thing is the best! My hair is coily and I get thru detangling in no time.

  7. Staci
    May 5, 2012 1:48 pm 

    First, Glad you’re back! Missed you so much *wisphers-it wasn’t the same at Essence.com.*

    Second, I’ve been transitioning for two years this July, no big chop here and I needed this to battle my wanna be wavy/curly african american creole roots. Mine actually has a handle. They even had some “electronic” ones at Sally’s.

    Thanks Tia! You saved me!

  8. cindy
    August 11, 2014 5:30 pm 

    hi, new to your blog and love it. my daughter has curls similar to your sweet Lina’s curls and i read your post on products you use which i swear by also. i do use the shea moisture kids line shampoo. conditioner abd detangling spray. duing the summer i use tgeir co wash since im washing her hair more often but may i suggest you try the shea noisture curl enhancing soufle, it works great on curls and better ingredients than miss jessies butter
    cream (which has harsh ingredients for natural curly hair). the curl enhancing soufle is better than gel and it cinditions while acting as a styler and holds frizz free curls. i first detangle with
    the shea moisture detangle spray follwed by tge soufle and work into the curl pattern by section and the curls stay all day. less hair washing.