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Devastating Eyes on the Cheap

What’s a glamorous — but exhausted — single mommy to do when she wants to dazzle in a flash? You know, like when she has a dinner with a beauty brand VP at 8, but it’s 7:40 and her daughter, pretending to be asleep in her room, has broken into the finger paints and created an elaborate Disney princess tableau on her floor?


To look gorgeous in two seconds flat, the tired mommy does the following: Swipe on a bright, vivid eyeshadow. Period. She lets her eyes do the talking. Simply blend that fuschia or ultraviolet or turquoise (which I’ve decided to pronounce “ter-kwahs”) from lashes to crease, add mascara, a hint of blush and sheer gloss, and run out the door. The great thing? Every fancy beauty brand from Chanel to Dior has launched the must stunning rainbow bright eyeshadow shades for spring. What sucks? They’re like two thousand dollars each. My solution:

Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows, ridic gorgeousness for only six bucks!

Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows ($6) are one of makeup artists’ best-kept beauty secrets. You can get them at any drugstore for next to nothing, and the colors are unutterably gorgeous, intense and universally flattering. This spring, Milani launched these two new palettes, Primary and Complimentary (left to right).  Really, between the two, you’ve got every shade you need this season. Plus, if you dip a tiny brush in water, you can turn any one of these into a sickening eyeliner. What’s not to love?




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  1. April 24, 2012 11:35 pm 

    I love the Milani line.. their shadows, bronzers & lipglosses are must haves on the cheap! I also like ELF for their brushes, polishes, shadow primers & lipglosses. Wet & Wild’s Coloricon eye pencils rival MAC’s in my book.

  2. April 25, 2012 1:34 am 

    Milani! Always does the job and never disappoints! Before I tried them I was like ewww cheap will make me get hives, but no. Best drugstore makeup buy I’ve evah had!!