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10 Questions with Christopher Michael, Kimora’s Makeup Man

Christopher and Kimora, dragging out on set.

Hi ladies! Still in the hospital, but I’m FINALLY feeling perky enough to write! May I take this time to express my love for way in-demand celeb makeup artist Christopher Michael? You may have seen him beating Kimora’s face on her show, Life in the Fab Lane. I met him when I recruited him to give me a fierce fall makeover for Essence.com weekly video blog. And we giggled and gossiped and he introduced me to the exquisite wonders of ultraviolet eyeshadow and subtle bronze contouring (Kimora’s all about a bronzey shimmer, obvs). This man is genius, no mas, no menos. Here, I ask him the same ten questions I ask all my fave MUA’s! Read on for dish on clients like Lil Kim and Naomi, and why he feels concealer is like deodorant.

Christopher, me, and my ultraviolet lids. Get into the artistry!! And that brow!


SYB: What beauty products are on your nightstand?

Christopher Michael:  L’Occitane Hand Cream for dry skin,  Nailtiques Cuticle Oil Therapy and Kiehls Lip Balm.

SYB:  What are the top 3 favorite celeb looks you’ve created?

CM: Lil Kim  for the video “How Many Licks!” I took her from “Supermodel” to a “Pinup Model” to a sexy “Nightrider” in all black. I also loved doing Kimora Lee Simmons for the “Green Ad.” It was all about soft, pretty makeup and a smokey granite liner on the lower lash line. My third is Naomi Campbell for her Pinko clothing line in London: we did dewy, natural makeup (well, her version of natural), and luminous skin.

SYB: Neon: over or “ovah?”

CM: Why did neon become hot for eyes and lips? Can’t go away soon enough!

SYB: What are the five staples in your makeup kit?

CM: Concealer, because it’s like deodorant — don’t leave home without it! A great mascara, lipstick/gloss, bronzer (for a sunny glow or blush), and an eyelash curler. Besides curling lashes, it can train unruly or sparse hairs.

The three face of Lil Kim in the "How Many Licks" video.

SYB: What makeup trick instantly glamifies your look?

CM: Faux lashes, preferably a strip. It can instantly take you from plain-pretty to red carpet vixen.

SYB: Best advice for creating the no-makeup makeup look?

CM: Okay, this term frightens me. You can’t build a building without the right foundation! But if you’re going super natural, start with concealer, then add bronzer onto temples and cheeks to add radiance and warmth. Finish with a barely-there gloss.

SYB: What beauty “don’t” drives you insane?

CM: Heavy, long faux lashes with no other makeup except frosted lipstick it makes me cringe. You won’t have any lashes left pretty soon! Those huge ones pull them right out.

SYB: Who’s your makeup icon?

CM: Diahann Carroll. She always drew attention to her eyes with top and/or bottom lashes and heavenly liner. So polished. Also Adele, she isn’t afraid to go there. And she loves glamour! Bring on the draaag!

SYB: What product should women throw away immediately?

CM: Brown lipstick. Why would a woman, regardless of color, want brown lips?

SYB: All I want is gorgeous, glowy skin.  How do I get it?

CM: This is exactly what I created for Vivienne Tam’s Fall 2011 fashion show. I mixed Origins Halo Effect with a liquid foundation, and applied it to the cheekbone and temples. Another alternative is Stila Bronzing Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15.

Stila Bronzing Tinted Moisturizer. Totally luminizing. Sir Christopher used it on me and I died.

SYB: What’s your most memorable on set anecdote?

CM: When I worked with the infamous Karl Lagerfeld (who was also photographer that day), he announced to the studio how fabulous I am and what an eye for detail I have! This compliment makes me smile to this day.



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