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Whyyy Didn’t I Invent This?


Genius times three.

On the Q train yesterday, I was recognized by a delightful NYU student with a teal dip-dyed ponytail. She demanded to know my favorite beauty invention of the last six months — but I was getting off on the next stop, gaahh! Who can think that fast? I promised Teal Pony I’d answer her on SYB, and here it is: Lash Control Mascara. If you’ve ever expressed even the mildest annoyance at super-gloopy mascaras that clump on your lashes and create a big ole mess, this gem will set your world ablaze. Each tube comes with a malleable fiber section in the middle that you squeeeeze as you pull out the wand, allowing you to control how much mascara ends up on the brush. How clever is that? You squeeze a lot if you want a really natural look, and do a little less if you want thicker, more dramatic look. It really, really works…I haven’t seen a clump in ages! Plus, the whole squeezy thing is just plain fun. I’m such a kid, I actually look forward to putting on mascara in the morning ’cause I get to play with the tube.

It’s the little things.

And besides the high-concept fabulousness of the packaging, the actual mascara is pretty rad. It comes in lengthening, thickening and volumizing formulas, and the latter has a cool zig-zag brush that really grips lashes and plumps them up. Awesome.

xo, Tia

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