I Cut 3 More Inches, or Meet “Gloria”

Sooo…on Tuesday I went to Hair Rules Salon for a keratin treatment. Girls, the two-textures thing is just killing me. It’s so hard to manage! So Hair Rules’ famed, freckled owner Anthony Dickey persuaded me to get a keratin. Keratin treatments basically just infuse hair with tons of nutrient-rich proteins that smooth your strands, removing the puff and frizz from the new growth. It’s a great option for Grow-Out Transitioners like me, because it smooths my roots without chemically altering the curl pattern (a’la relaxers)…so the difference between my unrelaxed and relaxed textures isn’t so jarring. And now, when I wash and dry my hair it’s so much less tangly and super-manageable!

So that happened, and then I cut three more inches of hair. Can you believe it? I was just like fuck it, I already cut a foot! Let’s go bananas! I think it’s too short to be a lob, but it’s definitely too long for a bob. I’m not sure how to classify my new cut. But I’ve named her Gloria. Ladies, this is Gloria. Gloria, these are my girls. Play nice and don’t talk about me behind my back.

xo, Tia


  1. Divaliscious11

    It looks great. Dickey is amazeballs.

    I am so glad you are back to blogging, although not having you recommending things did help my pocketbook….a little!

  2. Misha

    So cute!! This definitely is a good way to transition as your hair grows just cut it shorter and shorter until the relaxer is eventually gone. I did the same thing and it worked great.

  3. VNikol

    This is just in time for me, my stylist has been talking to me about getting a Keratin treatment for over a year now. Being newly natural, I’m nervous about messing up my hair with chemicals but this 3c/4a mix is resulting in a puffy mess when I flat-iron at home. She swears it’ll make my hair more manageable & loosen my curl pattern when worn naturally so your post has me a lil more convinced. Looks great!

  4. Rondia hill

    You can purchase via walgreens or most drugstores…Brazilian keratin 30 day smoothing treatment or the liquid keratin treatment that all last about 30 days…or some salons like Ulta that does the kera straight for $159! Hope that helps.

  5. ElJay

    LUV IT, the cut really compliments your face shape, but could you talk any less about the Keratin treatment?????Please more details on how the treatment has altered your daily/weekly routine and has it changed your natural growth enough to make you intrigued about wearing it wash and go style?

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  7. Monique Garrett

    Tia, this is Monique Agee from UVa. I love your new cut. I am letting my hair grow out and it is almost that length. I was just wondering what to do with it. That is a sexy cut and you don’t look matronly. So proud of your success.

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