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10 Questions with J. Hud’s Makeup Artiste, Tia Dantzler

Ladies! There are makeup artists, and then there are legends. Ms. Tia Dantzler is the latter. The darling of the starry set — her devotees include Jennifer Hudson, Kanye West, Viola Davis and our stunning President Obama — the adorable MUA is known for her smokey-eyes-and-glowy-skin game (and flawless man-grooming). As two Tia’s in beauty, we’d loved each other from afar for ages, until we finally met at a Fashion Week soiree last season! Instant girl crush. Here, I ask Dantzler the same ten questions I ask all my fave makeup artists:


SYB: What beauty products are on your nightstand?

Tia Dantzler: Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, Avene Thermal Spring Water and Kiehl’s lip conditioner

One of Tia's favorite looks she's created. So dewy-pretty.

SYB: Neon — over or ovah?

TD: Loving it!

SYB: What are the five staples in your makeup kit?

TD: My kit would not survive without Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, Senna concealer, Bobbi Brown concealer, Nars Illuminator, Smoke & Mirror Lashes and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel.

SYB: What makeup trick instantly glamifies your look?

TD: Highlighting the inner corner of your eyes (by the nose) instantly wakes up tired eyes, giving a fresh “pop” to your look!

GQ, Sept. '07. Swaggy presidential glow c/o Tia.

SYB: Best advice for creating the no-makeup makeup look?

TD: I love lightly creating dimension by using two to three shades of concealer — it gives your face a lovely, sculpted look.  The perfect canvas for a natural no-makeup look!

SYB: What beauty “don’t” drives you insane?

TD: I’m so not a fan of black eyeliner used as a lipliner. I actually love creating pretty full lips without lipliner.

SYB: What’s the one makeup product every woman needs to own right now?

TD: A BOLD lipstick!

SYB: What should she throw away immediately?

TD: Get rid of foundation that does not match your skin-tone. Pleeaase, I beg of you.

SYB: All I want is gorgeous, glowy skin.  How do I get it?

TD: Apply a tinted moisturizer and lightly dust a mineral powder on top for a luminous, radiant finish.

SYB: Most memorable on-set experience?

TD: The funniest experience? Pulling up in a desert when I had no prior knowledge that we were shooting there. My kit wasn’t prepared — nor was my shoe selection!!!

For more info on Tia, check out her new blog The Beauty Elixir.

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