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Frizzy Day Savior: Mark Shape & Gloss Kit

Hi ladies! Ugh, this unseasonal torrential downpour is coming for Gloria (my new clavicle-length ‘do). I am displeased. Thank god the keratin keeps my transitioning tresses relatively sleek, or else I’d be moving into frizzed-up, fluffed-up, cotton candy territory. Betty White swag.

Me? Or Rose Nyland?

Even still, there’s the annoying frizz factor — so on these rainy days, I’ve been rocking a topknot or a little pony (still getting used to the shortness…waaail, where is my hair?!). It’s been a particularly overscheduled couple of weeks — in NYC, this means tons o’walking from subway to destination to subway, no car, exposing one’s hair to the elements, always — and no matter how laid out Gloria was when I left the house, she gets fuzzier and fuzzier throughout the day.

Ladies. Moment of silence. I found the CUTEST, drop-everything-and-get-it, double-duty, bad hair day miracle worker:


Allow me to deliver a hair hallelujah for Mark’s Double Do Shape and Gloss Kit ($18). Tiny enough to fit in your eensiest clutch, the double-duty kit comes with two fantastic hair helpers: A Shaping Wax and a Solid Hair Gloss. Hark! Blended with babasu oil, the Wax adds definition to frizzed-out natural hair (simply rub a bit between your thumb and index finger and sweep down the length of individual curls) and on straight styles, it smooths out fuzzy edges along the hairline. The Solid Gloss is spiked with Muru Muru butter to add shine and fight frizz! Together, the two products are invincible — your hair will be so happy.

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1 Comment

  1. Tay
    June 14, 2012 5:49 pm 

    This is different, and super cute!