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Crimpin’ Aint Easy

Hey girls! As we all know, much of the fun of going to beauty and fashion events happens in the cab afterwards, when one tears through one’s goody bag like an animal. Honestly, I’m fifteen years in and STILL get a thrill out of finding fun free things I’ll never use (see: caramel-scented tea lights, scratch-and-sniff press on nails, a book called “The A to Z’s of Dating Asian,” etc.). Cut to two weeks ago, me in a cab apres event – I’m rifling through the bag, hoping to find one of those delish FatWitch brownies, and I come across this:

Conair MiniPro Deep Wave Ceramic Styler!

Conair MiniPro Deep Wave Ceramic Styler ($19)…aka, a crimping iron! I had no idea how desperately I needed this until I saw it! Girls, I grew up in the 80s. Madonna, Whitney, Janet, Taylor Dayne and Belinda Carlisle all had crimped/body-waved hair and it was BOSS. So much so that, in 1987, I decided I needed to turn an iron on my own locks. At 12, I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to clamp the iron shut and hold for like two minutes — and thus, my poor, singed hair fell to the floor in a perfectly crimped clump (I told everyone at school I gave myself a trim while sleep-walking. It made for a funny story). I hadn’t gone near any sort of wave iron since then. But with this goody bag gift, I felt that the universe was telling me I must try it again.

Super cute.

It sat on my nightstand, daring me to pick it up, until last night. Insomnia? Boredom? I have no idea what gave me the balls to try again, but I did. And my hair survived! Really, the crimping iron game has changed SO much in the past 25 years. This one has high, even heat, which makes for ultra-quick styling (and less damage). Starting at the nape of my neck, I grabbed random sections (about two inches thick), spritzed on John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray ($7) and pressed the iron down the length of each section, holding no longer than 2 seconds. All in all, it took about fifteen minutes. Kinda cute and fun, right? Just for a perky little change of pace?

PS…I apologize for the shitty pic! My camera’s broken, so I’m forced to Instagram until it’s back from the shop. Prettier photos coming, girls!


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  1. covergirlalias
    June 20, 2012 3:12 am 

    Love this!! I am such an 80’s child myself!!

  2. Colleen
    June 22, 2012 4:01 pm 

    Really cute!