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Eau de Everything!

I’m moth-to-a-flame attracted to girly stuff right now. As you now know, my life is falling apart around my ears — and for some reason, surrounding myself with hyper-feminine luxury just feels sooo cathartic. Everything around me must smell pretty! In my quest for scent salvation, I’ve stumbled upon three totally unexpected, lusciously fragranced products that I now can’t exist without. Get into them:



Hair perfume! So necessary, and yet still sort of a rare beauty find — so when I come across a good one, I buy like three, because it’s most likely a limited edition item. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bomblicious Hair Mist ($45) is so hot. Before I leave the house — even just to go on a tampon run — I flip my hair upside down and spritz this bergamot-freesia-orange-blossom-blended scent all up and through my strands. And then, for the rest of the day, I’m surrounded by a delicate cloud of yumminess. Also? The scent is super-subtle, so it won’t interfere with your perfume (I wear it instead of fragrance, actually…it’s sexier). You’ll love.


I wanna roll around naked in these.

Gianna Rose Scented Drawer Liners ($20 for 6 sheets) are just so chic. Lining drawers with gorgeously printed, scented papers just feels so breezily decadent, so “let them eat cake.” Honestly, if the sheets were bigger I’d use them as wallpaper. Anyway, the liners come in Vanilla Pear, Lavender and Rosewater — and for me, Vanilla Pear is the one. So summery, so cheerful.


Scented earrings? Yes, please.

Delicate, vintage-y, chicer-than-chic, Lisa Hoffman’s new Fragrance Earrings and Bracelets ($65, each; above and below) are so ingenious. Each piece of jewelry comes with a boho luxe charm filled with tiny scented beads (you get extras so you can refresh the scent whenever you want). So you’re, like, emitting this secret, fabulous scent — and no one knows wear it’s coming from! The beads come in sultry, exotic fragrances like Tunisian Neroli, Madagascar Orchid and French Clary Sage. So midnight-garden-party-in-Marrakesh.

Exotic arm party.


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1 Comment

  1. FelicityR
    July 11, 2012 3:36 pm 

    Scented jewelry? That’s cray cray.