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My Throwback ‘Fly Cuts’, Day 2

Ladies, The Fly Cut launches next Tuesday, woot! And to celebrate, my sisters are forcing me to reveal mortifying “fly cuts” from my hair history — every single day until the launch. I’m a team player, but I’m definitely grumbling about this on the inside. Anyway, here we are, on Day 2…and I give you these ultra-silly hair moments:

Goofy Spice, 1982


So this is me in my second grade class picture, toothless and be-ribboned, sporting what Mama Shake used to call “Boing-Boing Curls.” We wore BBC’s on special occasions only. I think this is because ti took forever — there was a lot of water-spritzing and VO5, and then she’d mold each curl by brushing it around two fingers. Vigorously. I used to fantasize about wearing BBC’s while belting out “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on Star Search (only a fantasy, I’m supremely untalented).


Nowhere near sober, 1995.


Ha! So this was sophomore year at UVA, and Lady of Rage’s silly song “Afro Puffs” was the thing. Bored one night, me and my girls got tanked and decided I needed to experience puffs, like, immediately. So we teased and teased and sprayed my hair until I had these two huge balls on either side of my head. I feel like I look more like Minnie Mouse that a butch rapper on Death Row’s roster, but it was good times.

Ladies, hit The Fly Cut’s FB page and upload your fave/funniest “fly cuts!” The three best will win a very, very special giveaway!

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