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My Throwback “Fly Cuts,” Day 3

So as you now know, my sisters are forcing me to reveal mortifying “fly cuts” from my hair history — every single day until The Fly Cut launches next Tuesday! It’s only Day 3, and I’m pretty sure that whatever swag I had has totally evaporated. So embarrassing. Today, I give you this genius hair moment. Pre-flatiron, pre-anti-frizz. If you still love me after this, I’ll buy you a pony.


12 was a super-awkward year. But you love my new wave red pleather tie.


It was 1987, and there were no anti-frizz products at the time. We were living in Germany, and by September it’s already rainy and foggy and fuzzy-hair-inducing. When I left my house, I had a sweetly swooped bang and a waterfall of curls tumbling from my banana clip (jauntily swept to the side). When it was time for pictures, my hair was cotton candy. Ah well. Character-building experience.



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  1. Jennifer
    July 13, 2012 2:17 am 

    Love your bravery Tia! 12 was totally an akward year for me. In my 6th grade picture I had these huge glasses, which we so not cute. We took pictures at the end of the day so my super cute and tight shirley temple curls were barely hanging on. The outfit: A denim long sleeve shirt with an Arizona-esque vest and regular blue jeans..can we say horrid!

    • FelicityR
      July 13, 2012 5:59 pm 

      Ha! I had spirals and ginormous glasses in my 6th grade pic, too! Only I had on some horrible blue sweater that my mother should be punished for putting me in 🙁