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My Throwback ‘Fly Cut,’ Day 4

Hey ladies! As most of you know, I’m revealing my crazy throwback ‘dos every day until The Fly Cut launches next Tuesday! Have you signed up yet? Get thee to www.hotspitdesigns.com. And try not to bust a capillary laughing at this:

Werq, 1985

Oh this one’s a gem. Me and Katie McLeod, dressed to the nines, honey, on our way to see Desperately Seeking Susan. I was 10. I’m wearing a black lace fingerless glove, Apollonia-style. And and an Esprit two-toned denim jacket. But the key piece of this tackery is THE HOMEMADE HEADBAND, an homage to LaToya Jackson in the “We Are the World” video. I had one in every color. If ever there was a kid more a product of her time…

Ladies, don’t forget to hit The Fly Cut’s FB page to upload your own “fly cut!” My favorite one gets a very, very special giveaway!!


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  1. Lavendar
    July 15, 2012 6:12 am 

    The Madonna “Like a Virgin” hair bow caught my attention immediately! That is too funny how Katie has the hair bow paired with the “Brat Pack” sweatshirt/turned-up collar combo. LOLOL Except for the fact that you are now stunning, you haven’t changed much at all. Lucky girl!

  2. July 17, 2012 2:12 am 

    Very cute! I had that jacket too! I loved Esprit! I used to go through the catalog and circle everything! 🙂