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4 Things I Know to be True

Hi girls! I’m running off to my pre-surgery doctor’s appointment, so I’m thinking today’s a bullet day. On this Monday morning, I quickly give you four things I know to be true:

1.) True Blood has jumped the shark. #doingthemost



2.) I’m hitting a wall with my hair. It’s like 12,000 degrees, most of my hair is curly, but not all…and I just look a frazzled mess. Gene Wilder hair. Now, I’m not a hat girl — I feel too self-consciously “Sienna Miller-does-Kate-Moss-circa-2003” in them — but I’ve always been super jelly of girls who can pull them off. And now I’m officially one of them!! I’ve started wearing jaunty little flapper cloches and fetching fedoras, like this Diagonal Vent Fedora from Hat Attack I just ordered from Nordstroms (I’m also considering this bob, more on that in a different post). So easy, so cute. I just pull my shizz back in a low bun, rock a Seventies hoop and bounce. End of.



3.) I’ve stumbled upon fall’s sexiest new lipcolor — Nars Rouge Tribal Larger Than Life Lipgloss, a metallic maroon-burgundy shot through with ruby red sparklage. This is not my usual steez — as old school SYB Babes know, I’m either into a sheer bronzey moment (Revlon Raisin Glaze, holla!) or bright red/pink. But I feel so lusty in this deep, sultry, disco era sexpost shade. It’s unexpected and worldly and sophisticated. I feel like Billy Winthrop Ikehorn Orsini in Scruples would’ve worn it to bone the gardener in her pool house.


4.) I need to have sex soon.

xoxo, Tia


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  1. Shenile
    August 6, 2012 9:56 pm 

    *sigh* Same here.

  2. August 6, 2012 10:42 pm 

    Girl, number 4? You ain’t typed nothing but the truth right there. I read that right as I was thinking it and saying, “I wonder if I should blog something ‘classy’ about this here feeling.”

    *le sigh*

  3. Raven
    August 7, 2012 4:57 pm 

    1. If they kill off my Viking Vampire I will just be too through!!!

    2. I bet the hat is cute on you

    3. love the lip gloss

    4. **giggling** I love this new, naughty Tia 😉

    A little off topic, but do you know anything about some of these cosmetic companies that pretty much only sell their products online? I usually stick to MAC, Urban Decay, and stuff generally found at Sephora, but I was on Youtube looking at different beauty channels and some of the ladies use BH Cosmetics. The colors look pretty, but I wasn’t too sure about the product. What say you Tia, Goddess of Beauty Wisdom

  4. kia
    August 9, 2012 9:29 am 

    i’m with raven! though, i know nothing of true blood x-p

    lol when you say you aren’t a ‘such and such’ type of person, other ppl are probably thinking “wow, she wears that soooooooo well!” at least you have a decent sized head to fit in a hat! also, i’m getting that gloss asap!

    • August 28, 2012 12:07 pm 

      Love it! You look fantastic! Doesn’t it feel solooo good to have short hair? My new cut is a little similar to yours but I got bangs this time and hate them.Trishb4s last [type] ..

  5. August 28, 2012 5:02 am 

    I love the look/texture of healthy ntarual hair and I understand that ntarual is always best. However, my hair is transitioning from relaxed hair to ntarual hair so my ntarual hair is very little. So the easiest thing I can do is relax it and add nice clip ins to make my hair look nicer/curl it etc and I do look prettier with it. So should I keep my hair transitioning to ntarual or just relax it?