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Q&A Wednesday: Curing ‘Office Zombie’ Skin

QUESTION: Since I work a fairly mundane 9 to 5 under the worst overhead lighting ever, I always look a bit dead at my desk. I’ve tried several tricks to get my face to pop (under eye brightening, fun eyeshadow shades…), but I always seem to look like every other office zombie in this place! I just want to look bright and dewy, without looking super made up. — FelicityR

ANSWER: Office zombie. Yes, I’m familiar with this look. I feel like I might’ve originated it during my AT&T corporate internship in 1993 (serving stale cubicle realness). You know what I do when I’m feeling a bit “dead” in the face? On the back of my hand, I mix a quarter-size dollop of foundation with just a touch of liquid bronzer — and then, using my fingers, I dot and blend all over. It gives instant radiance and glimmery, dewy hotness. And depending on how much you use, it’s so subtle that no one will realize why your glowing so prettily (use too much, and you enter Twilight vamp territory. Sigh. Poor, broken-hearted Pattinson). Here are my favorite liquid bronzers on the shelves:

Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator in Bronze ($25) gives the loveliest, sexiest glow. Gorgeous mixed into foundation or simply dabbed over naked cheekbones.



L’oreal True Match Bronze Glow ($3.99) comes in nine shades, from Light Bronze to Deep Bronze, so you can’t not find the perfect hue for you. Plus, its spiked with vitamin E and B for serious hydration, and micro-fine crushed pearls for a diffused, sunlit gleam.



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1 Comment

  1. FelicityR
    August 8, 2012 2:28 pm 

    I shall implement this ASAP! Thanks, lady!