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Bliss Targets Political Animals!


It’s that time of year…your heartbeat quickens, you begin DVR’ing CNN and paying super-close attention to Bill Maher’s opening monologues. You might even be moved to post a political-ish FB status update, like “Akin-not believe what a frickin’ tool this guy is.” Yep, election season!! Where even the most politically uninvolved folks, like your girl, manage to get all worked up about Washington. Right now, I’m so disgusted with the Republican party’s abortion fuckery that it almost feels like the relentless low-grade nausea of morning sickness. And I want to move into the White House and sleep cuddled up between Barack and Michelle every night! We’re all feeling this political static electricity, no? Perfect time for Bliss to introduce their hilarious 2012 “Eau-lection” Collection! The zingy Mint Romney and orange-scented “O”Bama Body Lotions will be handed out at upcoming political conventions (a reason to get involved), but starting August 27th, they’ll also be free for Bliss.com shoppers who spend $50 or more. So cute, right? Forget the fact that these lotions are truly delectable…they’re adorable little souveneirs that will forever remind you of this laughable unbalanced presidential race! Go-bama!

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