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Shhh…Secret Beauty Miracle!

Hey ladies! Okay, I’m still kinda just laying around, waiting for my stitches to heal…so I haven’t really been anywhere or done anything in like two weeks. Stir crazy isn’t even the thing. I want to set my apartment on fire. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Then at least maybe I can collect some insurance and finally move, already. “Electrically Wired Woman Found Giggling Suspiciously Among the Ruins of Her Bougie Brooklyn Brownstone.”

But I digress.

Knowing I’m bored boots, my very fancy and well-known makeup artist girlfriend paid me a little visit. Amidst gossiping, shit-talking (“I really wish he WOULD take her call during our anniversary dinner…”) and Instagram-stalking, my MUA friend and I began talking about Fashion Week, which is coming up in like five minutes. Since she’ll be working at a zillion shows, I asked her to name the one beauty product that she uses on everyone backstage.

[Btw, I’d give you her name, but she an ambassador to a makeup brand, and would be professionally flogged for crediting a product from another brand!]

Touch o’ honey.

She immediately whipped out Touch in Sol’s Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base ($20), which is something I’ve never heard of in my life! Here’s what she said about it: “This stuff is like a godsend when you’re working on overworked models with tired complexions and flakiness from washing off all the makeup between shows. It’s a gel-based oil, which is crazy. You’d think it would clog pores, but it does the opposite. It’s blended with all these skin-brightening botanicals and skin tone-evening honey extract, so it just makes blah skin look so luminous. Radiant. And it doubles as a kick ass primer. I go through, like, one tube a day during Fashion Week.”

Suffice it to say, now I’m super-obsessed with this stuff. I have nowhere to go and nothing to look cute for, but no matter. You better believe I’m slaying the scene in my living room with my luminosity.

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1 Comment

  1. Heather Richmond
    August 31, 2012 3:48 pm 

    Where can I order?