Dorothy Dandridge Waves


Hi girls!  So, remember my post about Lina wanting to rock a Rapunzel wig for Halloween?  And I decided to blow her own hair out, instead?  Well, we had a practice run yesterday — so cute!  After I shampooed and deep conditioned, I squeezed out the excess water with a towel and then worked Carol’s Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Blow Dry Cream throughout her curls.

Cocoa-scented deliciousness.


Then I separated her hair into four sections and blew-out each using John Frieda Fullness & Shine Salon Shape Hot Air Brush ($36.99) on the mildest setting. When I was done, I smoothed out her situation with a dime-sized amount of Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercream ($32), a lightweight, light hold styling cream/moisturizer.



Adorbs, but I decided that the super-pin straight moment was a tad too grown-up for an almost-four-year-old.  So I added some Dorothy Dandridge waves by twisting her hair into two buns overnight.  I can’t, I erupted into tears when I saw her. Where is my baby?


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