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How Gloria Got Her Groove Back

Hey boo heeyyyy!  Confession: I’m entirely over Gloria (my bob, for newcomers).  I really, really miss my long, luxurious locks.  After an insomniac moment featuring me on the kitchen floor, choking back sobs as I gazed wistfully at pics of myself circa 2010 — aka looking permed and perky with an ankle-length blowout — I decided something must be done.  I needed a dose of oomph.  So I speed-walked to my favorite freckled phenom, Dickey of Hair Rules Salon.  He took one look at my sad, mousy brown mane and proclaimed “Warm highlights, girl!  Cinnamony-golden!  Are you in or out?”  I was in.  And his genius colorist, Aimee, hooked me up.  Do you like?  Yeah, me too!  Sometimes you just need a little jsushzing to help bring yourself back to yourself.  But here’s the thing.  For some reason, my hair has neeeever been able to hold color.  It gets brassy and orangey and weird, every single time.  End of.  So, even though I’ve only had my sparkly streaks for a week, I’ve already gone in with Ojon’s new Color Fade Fighter Conditioning Treatment. This weekly mask locks color into the hair shaft, and promises to prevent shade fade and awkward oxidizing for up to forty washes!  And since Ojon has never done me wrong — quite the opposite, actually (they’re Brazilian nut ojon oil-infused products moisturize the f**k outta my weak-ass, shedding strands) — I decided to believe the claims.  I’ve only used it once so far, but I can tell you that my hair is looking vibrant and shinier than evah!  I’ll keep you posted on the results, 40 shampoos from now.

Just yes.

In other hair news, if you’re in NYC this weekend, you MUST come holla and me and my sisters at The Fly Cut’s booth at Circle of Sisters!  This ginormous expo is held at the Javitz Center every year, and features the best black owned beauty and fashion businesses in the land.  We’ve partnered with EDEN BodyWorks (genius haircare line that’s wildly coveted among chic naturalistas) to bring you a slew of salon and haircare deals, steals and deliciousness.  Plus, we’ll have lollipops!  Hope to see you there, lambs.

Have a gorgeous weekend…

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  1. October 15, 2012 4:02 pm 

    Girl! Gloris re-emerges! LOVE THE COLOR!!!! My colorist told me about this shampoo that I have been using once a week (not for cleansing only for color preservation..you leave it on for 5-10 min)it has been keeping the brassies at bay on my ombre It’s called Subtil Gloss Platine. TRY this too!

  2. Bethany
    October 16, 2012 1:05 pm 

    Beautiful! I ended up coloring my hair after I went natural. Just what I needed.

    And also I need to know about your sunglasses.