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Haute Hair for Obama!

Ladies! My president is black! WOOOT! The only proper way for a beauty girl to celebrate four mo’bama years in the White House is by giving glam hair. Don’t you agree? As always, The Fly Cut is here to help you on your mane mission. We’re now offering discounted services to the natural haircare salon that started it all, Brooklyn’s Khamit Kinks!

When you talk about the OG’s of natural hairstyling and haircare, Khamit Kinks Salon shines like a beacon among a zillion imitators. Founded in 1989, the chemical-free mecca has reached legendary status based on proprietress Anu Prestonia’s effortlessly chic styling – she all but introduced Senegalese Twists, Goddess Braids, Trini Braids and the Cherokee to the masses – and superstar devotees like Lenny Kravitz, Angela Bassett, L. Boogie and Oprah Winfrey (yep) singing her praises. The best part? Prestonia isn’t just fascinated by healthy hair, she also is committed to a healthy lifestyle – and as a Hatha Yoga instructor, encourages her clients to practice healthy eating and fitness habits, as well. With Anu’s glorious styles, genius staff and pretty-hair-starts-on-the-inside perspective, it’s no wonder that Khamit Kinks’ work has graced the likes of Essence, The New York Times, The View and CNN! And now, on The Fly Cut, we’re thrilled to bring you exclusive Khamit Kinks deals for two whole weeks. Listen, you powered thru Sandy and election stress. You deserve this, woman.

On www.theflycut.com, score a wildly coveted Khamit Kinks consultation for free! Simply  purchase an Anu Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner for $36 ($71 Value).

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