Nars Does it Better.

nars satin lip pencil palais royale

Hi guys! This is a quick one. It’s nine degrees in New York, but I’m in Miami CHILLING on a press trip with Beautiful Textures. They’re launching a puff-deflating conditioning treatment (not keratin, washes out) that’s going to make transitioning/living between touchups a breeeeze. But that’s for another post. I just quickly wanted to give thanks to Nars for inventing their Satin Lip Pencils in Het Loo (left) and Palais Royale (right), which are now the ONLY nude and magenta lip colors that I want anything to do with, missy. These two chic little sticks are the only shades I brought with me. Nude for day (so perfect, just enough bronze not to be pasty), with a skinny swoop of liquid liner…and bright magenta at night, with lots of blush and a khol-smudged eyes. And when Nars says “Satin,” they really mean it. This is not a matte pencil, friends — the finish is shiny and vinyl-like, but lasts forever. Get you some.

Nars Lip Pencil




  1. Beanie

    I’m gonna have to add these to my try on list at Sephora! They must think I’m some sort of nut when I come in there with a typed list in order of importance and which samples I want and my buy list! It keeps me on track, though. I never forget anything I wanted to try out! LOL!

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