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Polar Vortex Skin Struggle

josie maran argan milk

I went to Miami last week. So gorgeous and restorative. I got a lovely tan! It was a balmy 78 degrees, sunny but ocean-air moist (ugh, not my favorite word), and my skin was hydrated and glowy. When I returned to New York on Sunday, it was nine degrees. A dry, blustery, wind-whip-your-face-raw nine degrees. My skin was like, “MADAME!  Whyyy are you playing with my emotions?” — and promptly started peeling and breaking out in a fine rash. Polar Vortex struggle. I searched frantically through my beauty bins to find something soothing, and landed on Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment. This is the most fascinating product — almost like a new genre. It’s a creamy blend of purified water and 100% organic argan oil, and you massage four (or so) drops into your skin after cleansing — and you don’t need to follow up with a separate moisturizer, or serum, or anything. It’s only been a week, but the rash is gone, and my skin feels a zillion times more supple. I don’t know how it manages to be so instantly hydrating/calming without leaving a grace of oiliness (only the faintest, sexy gleam), but Josie Maran is basically an argan oil sorceress at this point. Whatever she’s doing, I’m all in.



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