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The Body Wash-Off

Olay Sensitive Body Wash

So, I was asked to do a sensitive skin body wash-off between Olay and Dove. This was right on time, because…well, because A.) I was out of body wash, and B.) I happen to have highly irritable, dry skin (it’s not eczema; just wintry, flaky patches). So I was more than thrilled to give both body washes a test drive. I used Olay Sensitive Body Wash and Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash for three days, each.  And I have to say, I really did enjoy the Dove.  It lathered nicely, and it didn’t leave that weird film that some moisturizing soaps and washes do. But my skin still felt…tight.  And the weird flaky moment on my lower right arm hadn’t budged. But the Olay! Yes ma’am. It’s mild, and gentle, and left my skin feeling supernaturally soft and silky. It’s like I got a skin transplant. Flakes, gone. Tightness, gone. And I love that it’s unscented – I don’t like my shower gel to compete with my perfume (scent overload and I’ll get a migraine that’ll land me in the hospital until my daughter’s quinceanera). Excited to have Olay as a new body wash,


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