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Only Smell-Good Products Allowed

So, National Fragrance Day is this week, and it’s one of my favorite holidays. It’s weird, I don’t loooove perfume (save for a few of my favorite fragrances, most of them of them end up smelling like my Nannie Hattie’s house after a couple of hours: A blend of air freshener, potpourri and old Creole woman), but I want my other beauty products to smell good. Even the most random products. I want my eye pencil to smell good. My shine serum. I love to have a halo of mildly delicious scents surrounding me, with no way to discern where they’re coming from. Right now, these are the three that are curling my toes:

coast to coast ultra gentle eye makeup removerWho needs their eye makeup remover to smell good? Exactly no one. It’s a utilitarian product, nothing should be demanded of it besides that it effectively do its job. But Coast to Coast’s Ultra Gentle Wild Rosella & Calendula Eye Makeup Remover does it’s job AND smells like a goddamn Bond No. 9 fragrance (Coast to Coast, Australia’s hottest beauty brand, just launched Stateside in Ulta stores). Show off! And it comes by the scent totally naturally. It’s a blend of organic, lovely-smelling naturals like rose, lavender and citrus (so gentle on sensitive eyes). Love that it smoothly erases mascara in one swipe — but damned if I don’t also want to dab it behind my ears and on my wrists.

 aveda hydrating lip glaze

I’ve always been a fan of Aveda Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze, because my lips are mad chapped, like, siempre (my fault, I chew on them constantly, nervously), and the lip glosses are loaded with nourishing lip conditioners like Brazil Nut and Jojoba oil. Also, the colors are epic:

aveda rehydrating lip glaze in berry bud

Aveda Reydrating Lip Glaze in Berry Bud (the middle one above).

But the REAL reason I stan for it is because it smells like wintergreen gum. And minty scents are so aromatherapeutic — you can’t not feel invigorated, and spritely, and go-get-em with the lip gloss version of an Altoid chilling under your nose all day. It’s so good.

caldrea tea olive lime body washIf you didn’t know, Caldrea is an utterly chic, aromatherapeutic line of chicer-than-chic home products. The dish soaps, countertop cleaners, and powdered scrus come in fancy scents like Mandarin Vetiver and Sea Salt Neroli, and basically just rule everything. The brand just expanded the line to include body washes and lotions — and they’re TERRIFIC. Caldrea’s Tea Olive Lime Body Wash is my favorite — a unisex, refreshing, invigorating fragrance that lightly scents my clothes and makes me feel like I’ve been rolling around in man all day. But in a feminine way. It’s unisex with a girlier slant. Anyway, I love it and I’m pretty sure you will, too.

Happy fragrancing!


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