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It’s Janice, Ms. Dickinson if You’re Nasty!

clarions eye quartet mineral

I love when something that has a speciality also does another really, really well. You know what I mean? Like, an actress who hides her singing talent and then belts out “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” in, like, the best Disney princess movie, ever (I’m looking at you, Kristen Bell). I’ve always looked at Clarins this way. They’re primarily a skincare brand, right? That’s what they’re known for. Amazing serums and moisturizers and SPF stuff. That’s all fine and good, but their makeup is just as brilliant. It’s not surprising — face and body brands do a really good job with makeup because they understand skin. Their stuff won’t ravage your complexion. The textures blend well. The colors look real on the skin (not ashen or muddy). Anyway, Clarins gets it. And their new limited edition Eye Quartet Mineral Palette is TO DIE. Plum, forest green, shimmery gold and shell — HOW DID THESE FRENCH GENIUSES READ MY MIND?

janice dickinson

Easy-breezy badass.

I have this pic of baby Janice Dickinson hanging on my refrigerator. I’ve been looking for the perfect eyeshadow shades to reproduce the look for ages. Nothing has been simultaneously rich and soft enough. Until now. I just spent fifteen minutes throwing together this look in my bathroom. Pretty damned close, right? If you follow me on Instagram, be prepared to see me in some variation of this aubergine smokey eye all throughout spring and summer. Pretend to be surprised and delighted every time you see it, okay?

tia williams retro


T. Trilliams

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