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SYB Freebie: Jurlique Earth Day Skincare

Hi Muchachitas,

Happy almost Earth Day! It’s actually on Tuesday the 22nd, but it’s never to early to honor Mother Earth. Grant it, I’m not as conscious as I could be in this area. I definitely recycle, and I’m as hippiefied as a bougie DC girl can be (I’m raising Lina Bobina in a naked-positive house and can’t seem to shake fringed booties)…but I could be greener. One area with which I do try to embrace naturalness is in my beauty products! And Jurlique is one of my favorites. Not only is the line of bath and body products all-natural, eco-friendly and committed to following sustainable practices (the ingredients are derived from some fabulous Australian farm) — it’s downright luxe. The skin and bodycare is carried in the chicest salons, models swear by the stuff, and the wholly organic scents are transcendental.

And now, it can all be yours…gratis, my love. I’m giving away one set of Jurlique Purifying Foaming Cleanser, Purifying Mask, and Purely Bright Night Moisturizer ($155 value)! 


With a blend of honey extracts, calendula and rose, this gentle-as-all-get-out cleanser balances combination skin (T-zone obliterating), and leaves skin soft and silky.


So good as the weather gets warmer, and your skin tries it with the greasiness. With natural tea and grapeseed extracts, the mask draws out impurities and calms sweaty, oily skin in the most gentle way (no chalky dryness).


LIVE FOR THIS! I so enjoy beauty products that work while I’m dead asleep. This one combines citrus, sunflower, and violet extract to help eradicate dark spots and hyper pigmentation — leaving your skin impossibly radiant in la mañana.


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3) And then I’ll pick a winner at random!

Good luck, gorgeous!





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