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So, About the New Nars Glosses

tia williams

Hi muchachitas,

Yes, I was MIA for an entire week, and you know where I am when I fall off the grid. I was in the hospital with a migraine, and I have Felicia of ThisThatBeauty to thank for keeping me well-fed. Thank heavens for darling friends and Seamless. It’s been an interesting three days back. On Saturday, I took Bobina to the Bronx Zoo — far, far way — to see peacocks (making up for my absence), and not only were there no peacocks, pushing around a 5-year-old in a double wide stroller (rented, it was all they had), uphill, to attractions that were miles apart almost felled me from exhaustion. And then Lina was pushed to the floor, twice, at a Burger King playspace by, like, a fourth grader who’s teen mom had an extensive neck tat. Not a dope hipster one, an unsettling “I’ve served time” one. And then yesterday, I had a booth at the legendary Polish Bar Brooklyn’s #beautystoop sale, but lasted only forty-five minutes because my assistant (“I wanna hold the dollars, mommy!” Don’t we all, kiddo) fell asleep on the floor.


Whatevs, you can’t plan life, really. But you can make it prettier. As you might’ve heard, this spring, Nars completely changed their lipgloss formulation. It’s now a thousand percent smoother, silkier, gloriously unsticky, and it lasts hours and hours. Twenty-three fan favorite shades, plus seven new ones, have gotten the updated texture! They just hit Sephora shelves on May 1st, and I’m an addict. The one that’s got me is a new shade, Sixties Fan, which is a deep aubergine and so not my style (I always like a bronzier, nude lip — or bright pink). But the vamp factor is undeniable. Especially paired with just mascara and a pinch of pinky blush at the apples of your cheeks.

Get into them!!




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