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Oily Skin Fix, c/o SYB Intern Anieka


Hey girls,

I am a member of #teamoilyskin. However, I’m not trying to advocate membership by broadcasting the shine that radiates from my nose and forehead. So I do everything I can to minimize T-zone oilage.

But the other day, five hours into wearing a full face of makeup, I did my regular selfie check in my phone and it looked like I had been anointed with blessed oil (grabs nearest tambourine). My T-zone was on 100! I rehashed my morning beauty routine and realized something was missing —  go-to “set it and forget it” spray.

Skindinavia’s No More Shine Makeup Finish isn’t new, but it is the business — and I’d totally forgotten it that morning. This oil-free setting spray does a great job of extending the wear of makeup while controlling shine and absorbing oils. Not to mention my skin feels hydrated and refreshed after spraying. Whether I’ve been out all day or hanging out all night this finish helps me keep oil at bay.

I didn’t realize how crucial it had become in my makeup routine. So today I pay homage to the spray that’s set this oil captive free!


Anieka W.

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