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Zitty Zitty Bang Bang

I need my skin to look like my favorite model's, French waif Anais Mali. I will not accept less, and I feel like Maybelline UNDERSTANDS this.

I need my skin to look like my favorite model’s, French waif Anais Mali. I will not accept less, and I feel like Maybelline UNDERSTANDS this.

Hey ladies,

I don’t usually have acne-prone skin — mine stays in its dry, flaky lane — but for the past two weeks, my complexion has been on seventh grade. Hormonal, zitty, oily. I know why, of course. I stopped taking my birth control pill. You know how vaguely religious, agnostic-adjacent people will still get their children baptized (who wants to their kid to be unsaved one, if it’s all true?).  That’s why I take the pill. It’s def unlikely that I’ll be having sex anytime soon…BUT WHAT IF? You know, should a man fell out of the sky on a random Wednesday morning, I’d just like to be covered.


Anyway, my Wednesday mornings have been looking very unsexual, so I got lazy and gave it up. Now my skin is mad. But I’m vain, and greasy skin — especially on a 95 degree day — isn’t acceptable. Luckily, the geniuses at Maybelline have introduced their Dream Pure BB Cream, which is formulated specifically for zitty complexions. There’s no reason that acne-prone skin can’t get in on the BB skin action (i.e., skin-perfecting, tone-evening, glowifying, moisture-balancing action), just like it’s dry and normal skinned sisthren! So, not only does it leave your skin looking airbrushed, it’s spiked with 2% salicylic acid — which is the active blemish-blasting ingredient in most acne creams, and helps scoop gunk out of clogged pores. Genius! Plus, there’s SPF, so it’s perfect for the summer. And the five shades are so universally flattering on the skin tone spectrum, that I can’t even wear Deep. I’m Medium/Deep, which is huge, because many BB creams stop at (or before) my skin color.

I’m sold. I’m wearing it to Lina Bobina’s kindergarten graduation tomorrow. I’ll let you know if it withstands a hysterical ugly cry. Or if some dashing single dad ends up falling in my lap, or vice versa.


Tia “Teyonce Trilliams” Williams

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1 Comment

  1. June 19, 2014 2:38 pm 

    This came right on time! I’m searching for it today. I’ve read some pretty bad (though few) reviews on their site, but I want to give it a try. I LOVE the regular Dream Fresh, but my skin has gone berserk within the last few weeks (I started BACK taking my pills – kindred spirit). I figure it couldn’t hurt to try it.

    Thanks for the review!