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The 90s are Back: Bow Down to Flannels, Acid-Wash, and Hard Candy!

Hi girls,

It’s Saturday night, and Tia, my beauty bestie, has dispatched me to check out a slew of new cosmetic finery at Hard Candy’s fall 2014 launch event. I feel like it’s 1996, all over again — back when Hard Candy owned us all. Back when you wouldn’t dream of going to Club Cheetah or Life (look, Leo and J. Lo in VIP!) without rocking one of their glitter shadows. But now, it’s 2014, and I’m a grown-ass person who’s rocking a tasteful lip and who has Netflix patiently paused for my arrival back home. 

No matter. The 90’s are back, and so is Hard Candy. I’m still air-drying my favorite acid-washed skinnies, still incorporating at least one neon accent into most outfits, and finishing the look off with Doc Martens (and a part of me while always obsess over brace-faced Gwen Stefani and her blue bob). So this collection, packed with chrome-coated lip pencil sticks that give full-blown, moist color (no initial-layer-of chapstick needed!), ten-piece eye palettes, and vivid polishes has sent me over the edge. They’re doing what they’ve always done, what they’re the best at — which is “flirty Saturday night” meets Halloween. But this time around, they’ve incorporated also CC creams, lightweight foundation sticks and updated cream nail polishes that round out the collection something incredible.

The other huge update? The fact that the once-high-priced line is now at Walmart. So, every item is between $4 and $11. Dying. Here are my faves:


This “Birthday Suit” palette is a ten-piece answer to the natural eye question. Also creates a genius smokey eye! Cream, brown, grey , blue, black, and so much more. It’s all you’ll ever need.



I love my lips to look like bubble-gum, and “Perky” has a slightly chrome finish. It’s moist, and smoothes on with full color. I think I need every shade.



The Fiberized Brows Now gel has fibers that build up and fill in sparse brows. On the other side, the brow highlighter pen is there to give us lift.



Tricia Lee, beauty maven/owner of Polish Bar Brooklyn

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1 Comment

  1. January 3, 2016 4:20 pm 

    Hey! I’m just discovering your blog and love it! As far as Hard Candy is concerned, it is just appearing in some of the Walmart locations in SC. Too excited about that and too excited about trying this Fiberized Brow Now Gel with the highlighter pen. You never can have too many brow gels. I use them religiously!