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Twas the Night SYB Intern Anieka Got Cozy with Coty’s Holiday Scents


Coty has a history of shilling fab holiday fragrances.

I love New York City. The hustle, the grittiness — the levels of shade that New Yorkers throw on a daily basis. However, as much as I put on for my city, I’ve never been a fan of New York winters. You know how kids fantasize about white Christmases? Yeah, NO, not me! I knew what the real deal was. All snow meant to me was that my hands and toes might potentially fall off as a result of the shoveling my mom made me do. Frostbite realness.

Aside from the frigid weather, I’ve always embraced the spirit of the holiday season. I get this warm, fuzzy feeling as soon as Halloween is over. That’s when I start lighting all my yummy candles and searching Pinterest for holiday recipe ideas (which ultimately don’t make it to the table). A huge, tis-the-season perk of being an SYB intern? I was invited to Coty’s Holiday Fragrance event — so fab. With you lovely ladies, I share my fave fragrance sets of the evening — each of which make fabulous holiday gifts:


My favorite fragrance of the night was Katy Perry’s Killer Queen Set. Still not sure if I love the bottle or the scent more, but regardless it’s everything. This festive floral was right up my ally. Invitingly light, Killer Queen still manages to be refined and powerful enough for the winter season ($21.99 for the set, which includes a perfume, body lotion and shower gel).


I tend to gravitate towards more floral fragrances, but this sensual scent was definitely worth mentioning. GUESS Seductive was different — but good different. Although musky, GUESS Seductive is still very feminine and enticing. ($29.99 for a set which includes a perfume, body cream and hair/body wash).


This one was set up next to Lady Gaga’s Fame and Beyonce’ Rise. Although I’m generally biased when it comes to anything Beyonce, I actually preferred Halle Berry’s scent, Wild Essence. The fragrance, while subtle, is quite sexy and endearing. This would be great for anyone looking to spice up their collection ($21.99 for the set, which includes a perfume, body lotion and shower gel).

I definitely had my share of sample fragrances (and cocktails) by the time the night was through, but I loved being introduced to new fragrances — not just for me, but for great gift-giving ideas. Plus, they’re all available at mass drugstores nationwide, so the prices are perfect!

Happy Holidays!
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1 Comment

  1. July 1, 2015 10:36 pm 

    Fantastic scents. The bottles look very invigorating. Indeed, perfect for the holiday and other special occasions.