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I Want It Haul: Sephora’s Finest

I Want It Haul: Sephora’s Finest

Did you get into the Sephora VIB sale? I was half-conscious with the flu, but pulled through just in time to put my 15% discount to great use. Which means I’m one step closer to VIB Rouge status (which means that, as a Beauty Insider, I’ll be eligible for tons o’rewards! #goals). Despite my woozy NyQuil haze, I was clear-eyed enough to close some true gems. Here they are!
Clinique Dramatically Different Gel: Tia swears by the original Dramatically Different Lotion, but my heart belongs to the Gel formulation. I adore its dewy finish and high Paula’s Choice rating. I bought three tubes — pretty sure it’s true love. We’re planning a June wedding. $26.00 for 4.6 oz.
Atelier Cologne set: This collection is so damned original. Yeah, every perfume line has a vanilla, but the lime-soaked Vanille Insensee couldn’t smell further from a cupcake. Rose and patchouli isn’t a novel combination, either, but blended into Rose Anonyme (not pictured), the mix creates a neon strawberry scent. And Orange Sanguine, my personal favorite, is a full-pulp glass of orange juice. Atelier Cologne isn’t available at most Sephoras, but this excellently priced set is available online for $48.
Supergoop! Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen: I can’t lie to you, SYB Babes; I mostly bought this Goop situation so I could make a conscious uncoupling joke. With SPF 50 and Vitamin C (plus, a totally sheer finish that blends out on all complexions), hopefully this’ll protect my skin for for longer than Gwen and Chris lasted. And at only $13 for 3 oz, it’s a lot cheaper than the divorce will be.
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Slow Clap for Reusable At-Home HairColor

Slow Clap for Reusable At-Home HairColor

Ignore the face paint, a'la Lina Bobina. Check the roots -- not a sign of grey. Thanks Mousse Absolue!

Ignore the face paint, a’la Lina Bobina. Check the roots — not a sign of grey. Thanks Mousse Absolue!

My roots are GREY. I’m not referring to a smattering of greys. Like tee-hee, look at this pesky grey hair, I’ll just pluck it out with a tweezer. No ma’am. I have a ton. I can’t even part my hair too aggressively without putting them on blast. Three weeks after I get my color done, I have to exclusively wear it curly because it masks my roots. I’ve tried the root touchup mascara wand thingies, but they always make things so gummy at the roots (it’s cool if you wash your hair every day…but not if you’re like me, and water touches your hair roughly four times a year). I never considered touching up my own roots, because at-home haircolor is a beauty landmine. So random, the results. Either you make it out alive — with passably pretty color — or you end up resembling a wisecracking waitress at Mel’s Diner. The sassiest member of your great aunt’s Bible study group.


Guys? L’oreal just changed everything in one fell swoop (always wondered what a “fell swoop” was). They’ve legit obliterated the at-home haircolor competition. L’oreal’s new Mousse Absolue is the industry’s first reusable haircolor…and it’s literally the easiest process I’ve ever seen. You press a button, it mixes your color for you, and then it comes out as a mousse that you can use however you want. Like, you can massage it from root to tip for allover color, or simply apply it to the roots for a grey touchups (or color touchup between appointments). It’s. So. Easy. Nothing to mix, nothing complicated. The only thing? Definitely go a shade up, even if it seems too dark in the packaging. Mine is auburn-brown with golden highlights, but the first shade I tried (Volcanic Brown) didn’t really help the greys. Fabulous Chocolate Brown did, though!! I just can’t get over the reusable factor…so smart.



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our unique two chamber system automatically combines your colour at the touch of a button delivering the perfect colour mix in a rich non-drip mousse. The freshly-infused colour is intense and flawless with multi-tonal shine. Perfect grey coverage.

SYB Weekend Poll: How Green Is Your Beauty Routine?

SYB Weekend Poll: How Green Is Your Beauty Routine?


Welcome to the very first SYB weekend poll! Today’s Earth Day-inspired topic: how green is your beauty routine? Are you an eco-friendly earth mama, or are your Emerald Pantone Color of the Year 2013 products the only green in your makeup bag? Please share with us in the comments! And don’t forget, you can always make your routine a little greener with the Jurlique set we’re giving away

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