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Hairdryer Loses Handle, Becomes Magical

Hairdryer Loses Handle, Becomes Magical

You know he never ages, and it's just weird. He needs to address our concerns. At least release a statement to the press revealing his choice in under eye creams.

You know he never ages, and it’s just weird. He needs to address our concerns. At least release a statement to the press revealing his choice in under eye creams.

Hi Ladies,

I love finding out that things you assumed were necessary are actually pointless. Like, when we all discovered that toner was a marketing gimmick. Or when it hit us that shampoos were meant for straight, oily-hair, not textured hair (HOAX!). Or when we realized that Pharrell was actually a real-life Beloved, a person-ghost who appeared to be his actual age – but still had the supernaturally smooth, eerily unlined skin of an infant, which was when his mother murdered him in a frantic moment of abject terror (no? Any Toni Morrison-ites in the house? Just me?).  Anyway, it recently occurred to me that handles on hairdryers were pointless.

It's literally like using a brush or comb.

It’s literally like using a brush or comb.

Last week, RED by KISS Red by Kiss Handle-Less Hair Dryer came across my desk, and I plotzed. It looked crazy — but I loved the weirdness (kooky tools and devices are my new thing). And it’s actually profoundly revolutionary. Since you can directly grip the body of the hairdryer, it allows for more control when administering blowouts (which one definitely needs when wrestling with natural hair). Add the comb attachment, and you can really get into those roots, aim the heat where you need it, and then easily smooth down from the scalp to the tip. It makes blowing out your hair crazy precise, because it’s so much less unwieldy! Almost like using your own hands. Also, in case you’re wondering, the body of the dryer doesn’t get hot, so you’re good.

Brava, Red by Kiss. Gamechanger.

The Tan-Enhancing Cocktail of Life

The Tan-Enhancing Cocktail of Life


Dear Muchachitas,

So, I just got back from a Bahamas vacay with my Lina Bobina. It was glorious, except for I hadn’t anticipated how…intense…it would be, just me and her, all day, for four days. No summer camp break, no other kids to break up the action. It was not a relaxing trip, per se (what was I thinking, bringing a book?). I was her playmate. She demanded that I build sand castles, and doggie paddle, and color, and attempt to swim like mermaids with our legs fused together…for hours and hours. I crashed at 8:15 every night. That said, I did get a biblical tan. Truly. And it was the by-accident kind, where it’s happening just because you’re out frolicking in the sun — not because you’re intentionally lying out (there was no time for such luxury).


But now that I’m back, I’m determined to keep the glow going. And I’ve totally found my cocktail. Marc Jacobs’ ginormous, insistently chic Omega Bronze Perfect Tan Bronzer in Tantric, and Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush in Papaya (it comes with a fab blush brush, too). Such a delightful duo. First, I take a big, swirly brush (like Becca’s cult-fave The One Perfecting Brush), and run the bronzer along the outer perimeter of my face and down the bridge of my nose and chin (bronzer gives such lovely definition to brown skin; you just need to find one a couple shades darker than your complexion). Then, I sweep it along my cheekbones. Finally, I swirl the blush on the apples of my cheeks only, to add punchy color to all the sunny glowiness. The effect is luminous boots. Try it!


T. Trilliams




This Flatiron Will Save Transitioning Tresses

This Flatiron Will Save Transitioning Tresses

Theorie's new flatiron gets unrelaxed roots sleeker than sleeker than SLEEK.

Theorie’s new flatiron gets unrelaxed roots sleeker than sleeker than SLEEK. Jourdan and Chanel- sleek.

Hey ladies,

My favorite part of being a Shake Your Beauty intern is the events. I get to meet new people, throw back some bubbly, and indulge in new product worship! A beauty blogger’s dream. But every now and then an event changes your life.


Remember when Carrie met Big? Or when Dwayne Wayne saw Whitley? You knew it was going to be something major. Well, I recently had that moment. Girls, my transitioning hair has been an issue in the heat – it won’t hold a Bantu knot curl or 2-strand twist long enough for me to snap a selfie! Plus, it’s too puffy at the roots to wear straight. So, it’s in a topknot, everyday. But last week it all changed, after I experienced Theorie’s luxe hair products at their launch event.


What wasn’t luxe was the extreme humidity NYC was giving that day. I must have been fiddling with my pouf because a lovely stylist offered to give me a quick once-over with the Theorie Saga Collection Digital Flatiron. I declined (my unrelaxed roots laugh at flat irons), but she insisted. WELL. This flat iron took my hair from curly-kinky to bone straight in seconds. Never mind that I’d just walked six blocks through a wet blanket of humidity! Apparently, the iron has titanium plates that compress water molecules out of hair. It also comes with a textile cord that’s wrapped in fabric so it never overheats. Incredible! My hair had so much bounce and my roots were Dominican-salon-straight.


It’s like NASA went into making hair tools. Except spaceships don’t come in leather boxes with genuine silver labels.