This Stain/Gloss Hybrid Made My Flash Mob Performance

Dear muchachitas, Last June, I performed in a flash mob at Lina’s elementary school. It’s a big deal, this flash mob. Like, forty moms and two dads surprise the kids on the last week of school, during morning drop-off. And since this is artsy-fartsy Brooklyn, a lot of the moms are, like, former ballerinas,... read more

Makeup Gets Naked Wasted

    Hey ladies, All I want to do right now is wear nude makeup. But not nude meaning barely there. Nude, meaning “on a decadent hippie caravan with Veruschka somewhere in Tangier in 1968.” Nude, meaning “sunburned, wind-whipped, on-safari cheeks…paired with almond-hued lids and toffee lips.” I want to look like a... read more

This Body Scrub Loves Sensitive Skin

   I don’t usually have time to use my pampering products. When it to comes to daily shower sessions, I’m totally wash-n-go (my hair is a different story). Sadly, bath salts and body scrubs are few and far between. But after recently getting a sneak peek at the new YES To... read more