The Ariana Grandiose of Mascaras!

Hey girls, Part of being a beauty or fashion expert is coming to terms with the fact that you’re a Girl Who Cried Wolf. We all are. We fall hard, can’t see straight, and then whatever shower gel/gloss/conditioner we’re raving about becomes the HOTTEST, the DOPEST, the COOLEST, the MOST MIND-BENDINGLY TRANSFORMATIVE product ever... read more

The Mango Lipstick to End All Others

    Two weeks ago, the Susan G. Komen foundation invited me to their Impact Awards. At this super-inspiring luncheon, they awarded women who’ve impacted the fight against breast cancer. Being surrounded by elite philanthropists, the ladies-who-lunch crowd and GMA’s Amy Robach, I definitely had a moment of, “Are you sure... read more

The Tan-Enhancing Cocktail of Life

Dear Muchachitas, So, I just got back from a Bahamas vacay with my Lina Bobina. It was glorious, except for I hadn’t anticipated how…intense…it would be, just me and her, all day, for four days. No summer camp break, no other kids to break up the action. It was not... read more