I Was Labeled Anti-Black for Not Loving Kerry’s Gown

Hey ┬ámuchachitas, It’s been awhile, I know. I’ve been away for good reason — I was finishing up my latest novel (it’s done, praise Him. Now I can clean my house and wax my entire body). More on that later, though. Guys, I woke up yesterday sparkly-eyed and happy over... read more

The Brow Tint of Life

I usually do my own brows (insomniac tweezing should be considered a treatable medical condition). I’m pretty good at it, so I never needed profesh attention. But I was chatting with a famous brow technician friend at a recent event, and…well, she sort of read my arches. This is our... read more

It’s Janice, Ms. Dickinson if You’re Nasty!

I love when something that has a speciality also does another really, really well. You know what I mean? Like, an actress who hides her singing talent and then belts out “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” in, like, the best Disney princess movie, ever (I’m looking at you,... read more

Anna Did This Because She Was Sick Of Kanye’s Mouth

I was going to write about something else today, but is there anything else today? I just got a flurry of emails demanding that I comments on this fakakta Vogue cover, so here goes. I’ve been clear about my feelings re: Kimye in the past…though they’ve definitely calmed down. Yes,... read more