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The Brow Tint of Life

The Brow Tint of Life

Ava and her brows.

Ava and her brows.

I usually do my own brows (insomniac tweezing should be considered a treatable medical condition). I’m pretty good at it, so I never needed profesh attention. But I was chatting with a famous brow technician friend at a recent event, and…well, she sort of read my arches. This is our relationship. We’re lovingly catty. Last time I saw her, I called her way-too-baggy jeans “ex-boyfriend jeans.”

Famous Technician: Even though your brows are full, they’re feathery. Sort of sparse. So they can seem vague. Ever tried a brow tint? It’ll fill in all the spaces, giving you a bolder, more Ava Gardner sort of look.

Me: You’re so manipulative. You knew that if you mentioned Ava Gardner, I’d have to try it.

The Famous Technician was going on tour with a pop star for a month, so I booked a tint appointment at Lower Manhattan’s esteemed Boom Boom Brow Bar. It’s the cutest place. The inside of it looks like the boudoir of a 1950s showgirl (there’s actually a chandelier strewn with brightly colored bras).

boom boom brow bar


boom boom

I sat down with the owner, a curvy Long Island Italian bombshell named Malynda. She broke the whole process down for me, saying, “First of all, you need to stop tweezing. The reason you’re constantly plucking is because you have every hair on a different growth pattern, so they’re coming in at different times. If you wax every month at the same time, they’ll all be on the same cycle. You’ll have two week of clean brows, and one week where they’re growing in. Lightly.” I never thought about this!

“And a vegetable dye tint is perfect for someone like you, a mom with a busy career,” she continued. “Because, with no pencils or gels or filling-in, your arches will look perfect every day. Like you’ve had a makeup artist groom them every morning! And it fades away naturally, in a month or so.”

I was sold. The dye part was weird…


Here I am, letting the dye sit for ten minutes. I was terrified that, after she wiped it off, the shade would still be this dark. Cara Delevingne is hot, but I’m not her.

Guys, the results were truly stunning. I had no reason to be afraid. See:

tia williams brows

The top pic was my natural brow. All unformed and, yes, VAGUE. The second pic was right after she washed off the dye. It was still a little strong; hadn’t settled yet. The last pic was an hour later. Snatched.

I’m such a dork for living my entire life without proper, professional brow maintenance. And now I will be tinting once a month. What I’m not going to do is a my mustache, which she was quite vocal about aching to remove (you can barely see it, goddamn!). If you want to try the look at home first, I’d suggest Perfekt Beauty Brow Perfection Gel, a smudge-resistant tinted gel that comes in mascara form. It fills-in so prettily, and doesn’t look weirdly artificial like other brow tints. Get into it!


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It’s Janice, Ms. Dickinson if You’re Nasty!

It’s Janice, Ms. Dickinson if You’re Nasty!

clarions eye quartet mineral

I love when something that has a speciality also does another really, really well. You know what I mean? Like, an actress who hides her singing talent and then belts out “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” in, like, the best Disney princess movie, ever (I’m looking at you, Kristen Bell). I’ve always looked at Clarins this way. They’re primarily a skincare brand, right? That’s what they’re known for. Amazing serums and moisturizers and SPF stuff. That’s all fine and good, but their makeup is just as brilliant. It’s not surprising — face and body brands do a really good job with makeup because they understand skin. Their stuff won’t ravage your complexion. The textures blend well. The colors look real on the skin (not ashen or muddy). Anyway, Clarins gets it. And their new limited edition Eye Quartet Mineral Palette is TO DIE. Plum, forest green, shimmery gold and shell — HOW DID THESE FRENCH GENIUSES READ MY MIND?

janice dickinson

Easy-breezy badass.

I have this pic of baby Janice Dickinson hanging on my refrigerator. I’ve been looking for the perfect eyeshadow shades to reproduce the look for ages. Nothing has been simultaneously rich and soft enough. Until now. I just spent fifteen minutes throwing together this look in my bathroom. Pretty damned close, right? If you follow me on Instagram, be prepared to see me in some variation of this aubergine smokey eye all throughout spring and summer. Pretend to be surprised and delighted every time you see it, okay?

tia williams retro


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Anna Did This Because She Was Sick Of Kanye’s Mouth

Anna Did This Because She Was Sick Of Kanye’s Mouth


It happened.

I was going to write about something else today, but is there anything else today? I just got a flurry of emails demanding that I comments on this fakakta Vogue cover, so here goes. I’ve been clear about my feelings re: Kimye in the past…though they’ve definitely calmed down. Yes, I think they’re a criminally self-satisfied, wildly overdone, bull-in-a-china-shop, pop culture hemorrhage of a couple — like a Ryan Seacrest fever dream sprung to life — but I mind them less. I think it’s North. Happy, loved babies always make me give even the most insufferable parents the benefit of the doubt. Fuck it, I’ll admit to watching their engagement special on E! and welling up a bit. And I created an exhaustive six-months-long series on VH1.com dedicated to Kim’s maternity wardrobe (even though the shit he made her wear was bonkers, I hated the flack she was getting for her weight. Wanted to throw some supportive mommy energy her way). They’re fine, whatever.


This Vogue thing? First of all, Anna Wintour. No ma’am. You were supposed to be the one who held out. In this I-have-a-blog-now-I’m-a-fashion-expert climate, I love how Anna maintains such old school fashion mag snobbery (after all, how do you know something’s exclusive if everyone has access to it?)! Vogue is not the place for the Kimye show. And for me, it isnt even about Kim. I actually respect Kim. She’s tacky and her face is now a freak show — but she’s a savvy businesswoman, successfully manages an empire, and is a trillionaire in her own right. Why is she not worthy of Vogue coverage? Is it because she’s untalented? Because she’s consorted with an exhausting number of athletes and rappers? Carla Bruni fucked every rock star on the planet — Vogue loved her, and she married the French president. Peek into Jerry Hall’s past. Or Kate Hudson (whew, the things I’ve heard), who Vogue can’t get enough of. Or Nicole Richie. When people call her a “ho,” it’s so dumb. Stop slut-shaming and go get you some.

No, my problem with the cover is Kanye. You know Anna made this happen because she was sick of his mouth. He’s been campaigning for this since the moment he wifed Kim up (probably before). You know it’s true. His thirst for fancy white credibility is so palpable, so all-consuming and blinding that he can’t even think straight. Son, you’re KANYE WEST. Who gives a fuck what the PR chick at Louis Vuitton or French Elle market editors think about you? Why are you so amped to get their attention? You know he’s in a Four Seasons lobby bathroom somewhere, gazing lustily at the cover and jerking off. He wanted this more he wanted Kim. And to me, that’s sad. That’s anti-fashion, and Anna’s wack for indulging in it. We invested so much in Kanye — we loved him, his talent, his attitude, his style, everything that was organic to him — and he’s so unimpressed with that love, you guys. This is all he wanted.

How about this one: Kanye adamantly, famously refused to show his daughter on E!, but has allowed her to be photographed and filmed for Vogue’s media channels? What, because it was chicer? A cuter anecdote to drop while ki-king with Alexander Wang? I’m so embarrassed for him.

That said, I’m off to read the issue…


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