The Ariana Grandiose of Mascaras!

Hey girls, Part of being a beauty or fashion expert is coming to terms with the fact that you’re a Girl Who Cried Wolf. We all are. We fall hard, can’t see straight, and then whatever shower gel/gloss/conditioner we’re raving about becomes the HOTTEST, the DOPEST, the COOLEST, the MOST MIND-BENDINGLY TRANSFORMATIVE product ever... read more

At-Home Phototherapy Treatment? Absolutely!

Hi ladies, So, I was out last night with my girlfriend Trish, who is a literally flawless Haitian-American chick. These two British guys started talking to us and were floored that we were in our thirties. Me: Well, black don’t crack, you know. Dude (yelling over the crowd): Crack is wack? Me: Well…yes. But... read more