It Bears Repeating…

Like you, I’ve spent the past two weeks flitting about from holiday party to holiday party, nibbling on rubbery crab cake hors d’orvoures, mainlining rum-soaked egg nog, and freezing in high-waisted sequin short-shorts and sheer tights while waiting for a cab (inside the taxi, I pick tinsel out of my... read more

The Game Done Changed

So one of my oldest and dearest friends (we met in 1949 as wee assistants at Elle – me, beauty; her, fashion) has a bright, hilarious, precocious like you wouldn’t believe  7-year old daughter.   Let’s call her…hmm…Topaz.  I could rhapsodize about Topaz’s slightly wild, pre-Raphaelite waves and early-Blair Waldorf style... read more

Eww. I Really Dislike Kimye.

Up until recently, I’ve had no patience for Kimmy hate.  Wait…I’m not saying I’m on her #team or anything, just saying that hating on her is more indicative of one’s own issues than hers.  Yeah, she’s boring and has negligible intelligence and is lying, just lying, about her ass and... read more