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Me, Amoy & My Ombre Weave!

Me, Amoy & My Ombre Weave!

Girls! Today The Fly Cut launches it’s second featured salon, Amoy Couture Hair! Now, if you haven’t heard of seriously sought-after celeb weavologist, Amoy Pitters, allow me to introduce her: She’s simply the genius behind some of the best ‘dos in celebdom — Naomi, Iman, Selita, Joy Bryant, Joan Smalls, and on and on. Basically, if you’re black and at all glamorous, Madame Pitters has had something to do with your hair. Plus, she’s just cool as shit.

And because she’s so maje, we simply had to offer some serious deals to her services — not just a weave with the master (mistress?), but also a wash and cut!! Hit to get into our unbelievable discounts.

The other thing about Amoy? She’s gorgeous, and has some seriously aspirational hair. This is great for business, because clients come in and want her hair. I am not immune. Earlier this spring (before I chopped my locks into a lob), I stopped by Amoy’s and fell in love with her stunning ombre sitch. I needed it — but since half of my hair was relaxed, I wasn’t trying to add bleach on top of it.

Amoy, shrugging: Let’s give you an ombre weave, then.

Me: A…weave? But I’ve never had a weave! I’m both terrified and titillated right now!

Amoy: You act like you’re getting some around-the-way look, with synthetic hair and an awkward closure. It’s an Amoy weave, you know I’ll hook it up.


I was convinced. And she did hook it up. It was crazy, because the actual weave was the same length as my hair, and the Indian hair looked like mine post-blowout — so it really looked natural. Especially since she left out my front layers and about an inch along the nape of my neck. That way, I could pull it up in a pony and no one was the wiser. I loved it! The cornrows took getting used to, I must say. I slept with a fine-tooth comb in my fist, so I could scratch my scalp with the sharp part all night. ** DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME **



I loooved it! I rocked it from March to May. Sooo great for transitioning. Having most of my hair braided up allowed it to grow safely and protected it from mad heat-styling and random environmental damage.  When she took out the weave, my hair was softer than ever…and shockingly long. Check out the whole thing, here…and go get your Amoy on!!



The Fly Cut! The Fly Cut!

The Fly Cut! The Fly Cut!

Ladies! Massive news. To quote Lauren via Annie Lennox, sistaaaas are doing it for themselves! On April 24th, me, Devon/Brownie and Lauren are launching, the first and only daily deal website (a’la Groupon or Living Social) catering exclusively to black/ethnic hair salons.  Yeah, you heard me.  Members can buy 50% to 80% off services at the sexiest black salons on the planet — we’re talking Hair Rules Salon, Miss Jessie’s Salon, Amoy Couture Hair – 5-star hair hotness, ladies.  And we’ve got every kind of salon covered, from weave meccas to the dopest natural spots.  We’re launching in NYC first, but then we’re branching out to maj cities like DC, Houston, the ATL (perhaps we can partner with Phaedra’s Phantasy Phunerals?).

When we were little, we spent our time rehearsing Mary Jane Girls songs and Flashdance choreo. Today, the goals are loftier -- but we'd be happy to perform "My House" at your next function.

Here’s how it happened.  At home in Virginia for some holiday, the three of us were sitting around, no doubt watching Dance Mom reruns or somesuch (why does Abby say “coshtumes?’), and we realized we’d spent forty-five minutes deconstructing our hair’s various stages of bustedness.  Lina Bobina and Baby Elle, Brownie’s 11-month-old bambina, had torn the family room to shreds and we hadn’t even noticed.  Hair.  It’s that distracting and urgent!  The conversation:

Brownie:  My hair is falling out in the front.  See it?  No right here. That post-pregnancy thing no one tells you about. I look like an insane person.

Laur:  No, I look like an insane person.  Actually, I look like Frederick Douglass.  Whyyy did I cut my hair into a bob, myself?

Our mom, two-cents’ing it from the kitchen: Frederick Douglass was quite handsome.

He was.

Brownie:  You cut your own hair ’cause everybody’s broke and it’s a DIY world.

Me, not reading the room:  I just went to a fancy salon for a story, and they comped my haircut.  Don’t you love it?  Couldn’t you die?

Glares.  Then lightbulbs!!  I have all this hair salon access as a beauty editor…why not bring it to the masses?  No one has money these days, let’s be honest.  But everyone needs dope hair.  And whether you’re rocking a natural, a weave, a blowout, braids, a wig, locs, or something in-between — every black and brown chick we know is constantly on a quest to find their new favorite stylist/salon.  So we decided that, as hair matchmakers, we’d offer up affordable services to you to make your lives easier (and more glam).  With Brownie’s skills as a genius entertainment/corporate attorney, and Lauren’s veteran online editor swag (deputy editor at The Root #getintoit), we could really make it awesome.  And lo, The Fly Cut was born!

Who's allowing these girls to go into business together?

The Fly Cut is membership-based, so you must, must, must sign up to have access to the deals!  Click here to join — and feel free to tweet, FB and email the link to every woman you’ve ever met in your life.  See you in a month, when we launch with our first featured salon, Miss Jessie’s Soho.  Happy hair salon hunting!