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Headband Extravaganza

Headband Extravaganza

Okay girls, I’m up to eight inches of new growth. It’s sweltering in NYC today, which leaves me with only a few choices: A.) Attempt a wash & go, which looks dumb ’cause the relaxed portion on the bottom won’t curl. B.) Try to rock a blowout, which is a #fail the second I walk out the door. Or C.) throw on a hippie headband, red lipstick, and call it a goddamn day. Guess which one I picked?


Yes? Got it at a Tibetan store around the corner from my house. Still smells like incense. Very "Anita Pallenberg attending a hash-hazy soiree at Talitha Getty's Moroccan villa circa 1969."


The boho headband/bandana moment was THE THING a couple years ago, and now it’s come roaring back into style. As a result of the gypsy chic, rich hippie starlets who made it so sexy back then (I mean, if it ain’t broke…). So inspired by these ladies:


Nicole Richie, all sparkly and stuff


Chanel Iman, #tuff


It’s just such a quick, easy way to look “done”….or strategically undone! So pretty with an updo, a topknot, loose waves, on the beach — a headband basically glamifies any ‘do, for any occasion. Que versatile! Here are a few of my favorites right now:


Retro Printed Headband, Forever 21 ($3.99)

Triumphant Headband in Coral, ($28)

Missoni Zig Zag Headband, ($88)