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Oh “BB” You…You Got What I Need!

Oh “BB” You…You Got What I Need!


Since it seems that the side-chick known as Winter has finally decided to leave the Northeast the hell alone (knocks on wood) and let Spring show-off for a bit, I’ve begun my quest for light coverage alternatives to replace my heavier winter staples.

With the influx of CC and DD creams I thought the BB cream train had left the station a long time ago. How funny is it that Black Radiance is one of the last cosmetic lines to take a stab at the trend (inserts “BP Time” reference). Anywho, I’m a fan of the line, so I was excited to give the BB cream a go. Here I am pre-BB cream:

This hyper-pigmentation is killing me softly, smh

This hyper-pigmentation is killing me softly, smh


Black Radiance’s True Complexion BB Cream is simply that. A lightweight cream that is lighter than a foundation but heavier than a tinted moisturizer. With only five color selections I was surprised to find a shade that fit me perfectly! Can you guess my shade? Chocolate (she says in a Randy Watson voice)!

The cream gives a weightless, light-to-medium coverage with a soft, dewy finish.  My acne scars and hyper pigmentation were covered considerably but not completely concealed. The SPF of 15 is great for everyday sun protection — and I love that the dose of sunscreen doesn’t make my skin look chalky. I took this pic with a flash and look nothing like Casper the Friendly Ghost.



In short? Black Radiance did that! The train came late but I’m so not mad.


Anieka W.

Q&A Monday: The Best BB Creams for Brown Skin?

Q&A Monday: The Best BB Creams for Brown Skin?

QUESTION: “I know I’m late, but what exactly is the big deal about BB Creams? Are they all hype? And do they work on brown skin?” — JTWHeart

ANSWER:  You are not late, darling. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’ve gotten oodles of tweets and emails asking for the real tee on this, the most coveted, raved-about — yet oddly mysterious — beauty product to hit the shelves this year. Created ages ago in Korea and introduced to US this year, BB Creams (short for beauty balm or blemish balm) are a magical hybrid product that do five major things: moisturize, provide anti-aging benefits, act as a primer, provide serious SPF and even-out skintones like a tinted moisturizer. Basically? BB Creams are tricked-out tinted moisturizers spiked with high tech skincare. The exciting thing here is that you’re using one product to do all these things — and they really do work. Your skin feels heavenly, it’s luminous, it’s protected from dangerous UV rays, you know it’s going HAM on your fine lines…so what’s the issue?

When they first hit the States earlier this year, the handful of brands (won’t name names…but I think you know who they are) that debuted BB Creams offered them in Light and Medium/Deep, or somesuch. Usually the one meant for darker complexions looked a chalky scandal on anyone browner than Beyonce. One crazy-popular drugstore BB Cream has the nerve to carry a “Dark” that’s ashy on me. Honestly, am I the darkest person these makeup brands have ever seen? I totally rejected the idea of BB Creams when they first came out, for this reason. Why invent such a revolutionary product that only 50% of the population can wear?

And then came Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream, $38  (sadly, it’s sold out everywhere), and changed the game. It’s last three shades — Light/Medium, Medium, and Dark — are pretty on most girls running the brown gamut. To give you some perspective? I wear the Medium. I’d do a before/after pic, but Lina Bobina through my Smashbox in the toilet.


The BB Cream to end all BB Creams.

Instead, I’ll flaunt the fierceness that is my favorite BB cream, ever! In my opinion, Origins’ brand-new A Perfect World BB Cream ($35 ) crushes all the competition, in terms of brown girl flatteration (it’s my blog, I can make up words). The color range is ridiculously thorough — there are six, which range from Light to Extra-Deep. I’m a medium. Check out what this miracle balm did to my horrible undereye bags and sundry shady areas! Voila, the terribly wan “before:”



I’m kinda humiliated to really show you what I look like sans makeup — nothing, zero. But I’ve discussed lesbian leanings and shaving my vagina (not in the same post) with my girls, why stop now?



So pretty, right? I have on no other makeup, just the Origins A Perfect World BB Cream and a bronzey lip tint. I cannot get enough. If you’re brown and BB Creams leave you stumped, throw yourself at the nearest Origins counter. Glowing, nourished, hydrated skin awaits!