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I Chopped Off a Foot of Hair, Eeek!

I Chopped Off a Foot of Hair, Eeek!

There’s nothing more odious than long hair for no reason. You know what I mean. It’s thin, dry, fried and over…and why? Long hair for long hair’s sake does not a sexy look make. And girls, I finally realized I needed to cut my shit. For three reasons: I needed a change, my ends were decimated by relaxing and coloring, and — the most important reason — it would help my transition to natural hair. I just cannot Big Chop, but a significant cut would help me get closer to my new growth, right?

Getting fabulous color at the Beth Minardi Salon at Mark Garrison. My hair was longer than the end of the towel. And friiieeed.

So last week, I headed over to Manhattan’s famed Beth Minardi at Mark Garrison salon, and threw myself into the hands of Steven, master stylist; and Mark, master colorist (because my greys are taking over). First Mark gave me a really subtle golden chestnut hue with a few barely-there honey highlights for dimension…and then Steven happily chopped off OVER A FOOT of my hair. Et voila, my “lob” (“long bob” in affected beauty industry speak) a’la Gwyneth! What do you think?


Sassy new cut!

I cannot tell you how much healthier my hair is! So swingy and glossy and new, I can’t get over it. Mostly because of the cut, but also because I just discovered the world’s best deep conditioning treatment: Phyto Phytonectar Ultra Nourishing Hair Treatment ($30, worth it, just get it). Transitioning hair can be weak, easily breakable and impossible to detangle — and this twice-monthly treatment strengthens and moisturizes with egg yolk nectar, keratin and corn oil. Basically it replenishes your hair of much-needed moisture and proteins. To use, just massage a quarter-size amount allover your hair, rock a plastic cap, sleep on it and rinse in the morning. Or just leave it on for twenty minutes in the shower (that’s what I did). The difference in your texture will be staggering. I’m sold.

Miracle oil. Love.

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