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New Growth! New Cut!

New Growth! New Cut!

Yay! It’s wet, hence the slight jheri curl-ish vibe.

GIRLS! LOOK AT MY NEW GROWTH!! I have so much now, that I felt like I needed to cut just a little bit more off my lob, aka “Gloria.” Why have six inches of relaxer on the ends? So two days ago, I ran to Hair Rules for some transitioning healing — and Dickey the Great lopped off my locks into this bob! I now only have two inches of relaxer left on the ends…and absolutely NONE underneath!! I was doing the wop all over the salon.

While I was being shorn and sultrified, Dickey gave me so brilliant transitioning advice. Obvs, I had to share with you:

  • “Unless you have straight, wavy, or relaxed hair, roller sets are terrible. Think about it, you have heat blasting on your hair for an hour. It’s so drying, and it does a number on your curl pattern. Plus, with thinning edges like yours, all it does it add tension in the area, causing it to shed even more.”
  • “If you want a straight style, use a blowdryer with a comb attachment. It straightens and dries without yanking or pulling, unlike the round-brush-plus-blowdryer thing. Then quickly follow up with a flatiron — just to smooth, not to straighten. Don’t let it linger!”
  • “Heat protectant sprays are a fraud. Spritz on flexible hold hairspray before flatironing, it works even better. And hairspray’s great for blocking humidity and preventing frizz.”
  • “Sulfate shampoos are the worst. The heavy soaps strip out all your natural oils, which causes all sorts of problems for transitioning hair. Would you wash your face with Irish Spring bar soap? No. Try suds-free, sulfate-free shampoos like Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream No Suds Shampoo. It won’t remove your oils, so you won’t have to overcompensate with heavy conditioners and stylers that weigh down hair.”

Dickey is fab. If you live in NYC and want in on his genius, hit for deals on services at Hair Rules — promotion ends on Tuesday! Oh, and naturalista SYB Babes…hook me up with some tried-and-true tips and tricks!! And ideas for what I should call my new hair, now that Gloria has passed. #wehardlynewye

xoxo, Tia

As chic as my new hair is, I’m still a tad traumatized that I’ve gone so short, though. Especially in the back, omigod — my hair hasn’t been this teeny since I was growing out my Meg Ryan shag, circa ’98. Eeek. Miss my long sitch, but it’s just hair. It grows. ** right? **




Score a Service with Hair Rules’ Texture Guru!

Score a Service with Hair Rules’ Texture Guru!

Hey ladies! It’s Tuesday, time for The Fly Cut to introduce a new salon — and its exclusive deals! This week, we’re featuring Hair Rules, brainchild of celeb stylist/texture guru, Anthony Dickey (clients like Alicia Keys, Michelle O, Kelis, SJP and Estelle live for him) . You might be familiar with the salon’s wildly coveted haircare line (found in Target, Walmart, etc.) which has products formulated specifically for each stop on the texture train — everything from the straightest strands to the kinkiest koils. And let me tell you, Dickey knows texture — he wrote the book on it. Literally. If you haven’t, get into “Hair Rules: The Ultimate Hair-Care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly or Wavy Hair.”

Aaaand if you want to experience his Freckled and Fly Fierceness up close and personal, head over to to score these exclusive deals:

1.) The first 30 buyers get 50% off a hairstyle with Dickey (huuuuge)

2.) Score a wash-and-go service for only $42 (usually $70).

Go, go, go! But first, enjoy this little video of me talking summer trends and transitioning with darling Dickey:




I Cut 3 More Inches, or Meet “Gloria”

I Cut 3 More Inches, or Meet “Gloria”

Sooo…on Tuesday I went to Hair Rules Salon for a keratin treatment. Girls, the two-textures thing is just killing me. It’s so hard to manage! So Hair Rules’ famed, freckled owner Anthony Dickey persuaded me to get a keratin. Keratin treatments basically just infuse hair with tons of nutrient-rich proteins that smooth your strands, removing the puff and frizz from the new growth. It’s a great option for Grow-Out Transitioners like me, because it smooths my roots without chemically altering the curl pattern (a’la relaxers)…so the difference between my unrelaxed and relaxed textures isn’t so jarring. And now, when I wash and dry my hair it’s so much less tangly and super-manageable!

So that happened, and then I cut three more inches of hair. Can you believe it? I was just like fuck it, I already cut a foot! Let’s go bananas! I think it’s too short to be a lob, but it’s definitely too long for a bob. I’m not sure how to classify my new cut. But I’ve named her Gloria. Ladies, this is Gloria. Gloria, these are my girls. Play nice and don’t talk about me behind my back.

xo, Tia