I’m Back! With Freddie Brooks’ Hair!

Hiii muchachitas! Happy 2014! Hope your holidays were gorgeous – and that your 2013 was flush with profitable workdays and lusty nights. So yes, I disappeared for, like, nine months. I got very, very ill — there’s no other way to say this. My migraines became so disastrous that I... read more

Naturalista Chicery at the CurlBox Meetup

  Hi girls! Last night, I found myself at what seemed to be the very epicenter of fab naturalista chic-ery — curlBOX’s soiree at famed Karen’s Body Beautiful in Fort Greene, BK. A little backstory: curlBOX, founded by my girl Myleik Teele, is a way to experience curly hair products... read more

Princess Tia Wimyums & Carol’s Daughter

Hi ladies! I’m back from my parents-sponsored Disney World trip (thank you Mommy and Daddy) and Lina Lina Bobina had the TIME OF HER LIFE. My 3-year old daughter is obsessed with princesses (her alias, bee tee dub, is Princess Tia Wimyums. She can’t pronounce “Williams”). Jasmine, Cinderella and Tiana... read more