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Little Girl Curls: Lina Lina Bobina’s Curl Cocktail

Little Girl Curls: Lina Lina Bobina’s Curl Cocktail

kiddie curls

Q: “I follow you on Instagram, and Lina Bobina’s curl pattern looks a lot like both mine and my niece’s. I need to know what you put in her hair. Even if it’s kiddie stuff. My curls are so dry and frizzy…and my sister always puts my niece’s hair in braids, because her spirals are too overwhelming. So whatever you use on Bobina, we need to get into…asap!” – Jeanine

A: Hi Jeanine! Lina Lina Bobina has a ton of hair. A TON. I understand you and your sister being flummoxed. It took me ages to find the perfect hair cocktail to get us through wetting, washing, and detangling sans tears.

little girl curls

The little girl…with the temper tantrum-inducing curls.

Lina’s hair is thick, with a fine curl and about four inches of shrinkage (a lot). Let’s cut to the chase. In her five years on Earth, I’ve tried everything…and the two product lines that prettify her curls most brilliantly are the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus collection (organic; paraben-free; made of gentle, soothing, kid-friendly botanicals…so fancy, and yet SOLD AT TARGET!!!), and the new CurlyKids Mixed Hair Care collection (also super-gentle, paraben-free, and shockingly inexpensive). I’ve found that these products are moisturizing enough to keep Lina’s ultra-dry hair hydrated for a good three days…but they’re also lightweight, non-sticky and don’t leave a residue. Hence, the bounciness. These are the three we keep in heavy rotation:

sheamoisture cowash

STEP 1: We skip shampoo, and just use SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser, which geennntttly strips away product buildup, while leaving her curls moisturized and luscious. It’s loaded with silk proteins to strengthen and nourish her ringlets.


sheamoisture detangler kids

STEP 2: The Co-Wash does a great job of getting rid of most of Lina’s tangles (as long as I apply it by running my fingers downwards through her hair, not roughing it up, shampoo-style, at the roots). But there’s always a few tangles left after I rinse. So, I spritz the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Kids Extra-Moisturizing Detangling SPray from scalp to ends and use my fingers to gently separate her curls.


STEP 3: Finally, I squeeze dry her hair with a towel, rub a dollop of CurlyKids Mixed Hair HairCare Gel Moisturizer between my hands, and run it throughout her hair. I don’t COAT her curls with it, just squeeze it in, lightly. I don’t want her to have Top Ramen spirals…you can’t get a good bounce if the strands are weighed down with product. Extra tip? On the second and third day, I spritz her curls with the Detangling Spray for extra moisture and frizz-fighting definition.


And there you have it, Jeanine! Lina Lina Bobina’s hair regimen. Hopefully this helps you and your niece. Send me a pic so I can see results!


Ms. Trilliams


 curlykids mixed hair haircare


I’m Back! With Freddie Brooks’ Hair!

I’m Back! With Freddie Brooks’ Hair!

Hiii muchachitas! Happy 2014! Hope your holidays were gorgeous – and that your 2013 was flush with profitable workdays and lusty nights. So yes, I disappeared for, like, nine months. I got very, very ill — there’s no other way to say this. My migraines became so disastrous that I spent more time in the hospital than not. Shout out to the Beth Israel nurses who’d ask for “rockstar eye” tutorials while I was nodding out on methadone (I’d gamely croak, “L’Oreal Voluminous Eyeliner!” Reflex). I had nothing left over to give to Shake Your Beauty, work, The Fly Cut, shaping my brows, or life in general. My Lina, who I never saw, was raised by committee – a team of Williamses and Cabezas – while I laid immobile in hospital beds, stunned by the audacity of this pain that just didn’t give a fuck.


This kid.

But today, I’m a lot better. For a couple reasons (we’ll talk later), but mainly and always this: Lina Lina Bobina needs her mama, so I fight. Like Daenerys fights for her dragons.

And it’s a new year! I’m pepperseeding into 2014 with joy in my heart, Clinique All About Eyes on my bags, and a tightly edited list of resolutions (the overarching thing is to not entertain anything/anyone that doesn’t make me want to bop around Brooklyn singing happy pop, like Mariah’s “Emotions.” Or Drake’s “Fancy”). My first resolution? To feel fully comfortable rocking my natural curls.


Shout out to my girl, celeb makeup artist Brandy Gomez Duplessis for the look! More info on my makeover’s coming on In the meantime, email for bookings.

Yes, I’m finally root-to-tip natural. I like it! I wear it maybe two weeks out of the month. It’s still so new that when I catch myself in the mirror I’m startled, like, “WAIT, WHO IS THIS POINTER SISTER?” Or “WHY IS FREDDY BROOKS WEARING MY CLOTHES?”


Or, the most disorienting, “KIMBELLA?”


It’s not entirely me yet. I haven’t found my sexy in it. My ringlets make me look perky-cute, like I’m twelve (which is why my smokey eyes are on a thousand in that pic). I was discussing this with a friend of mine who declined to be identified – because you all know who she is and you’d be shocked that she talks this way – and she pointed out that “curls actually communicate that you wild out in bed, slutty-style, ‘cause you’re not worried about sweating your shit out.” I have yet to have any type of sex with my new hair, so this is another 2014 resolution.

I was also surprised, at first, that my texture wasn’t uniform. I feel like on IG, natural girls have perfect spirals – is it an illusion? I truly have six different curl patterns up in my head. And the blonde pieces are PIN STRAIGHT at the ends (more on my new golden hair, aka Honey L’Amber, in another post). But as in life, chaos can be fun, right?

Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Leave-In Conditioner Ouidad Define & Shine

So, the products: I avoid putting too much in my hair, because I turn into Rick James quickly. When it’s soaked, I run a quarter-sized amount of Ouidad Define & Shine Gel-Cream throughout – it leaves my curls soft, fluffy, and just frizzy enough. Then, I diffuse upside down. And on the third day, I mist on Crème of Nature Straight from Eden Leave-in Conditioner, which moisturizes and perks things up. I cannot overstate how delicious this smells. Really, it’s why I use it.

Guys, I’m so happy to be back. Can’t wait to love you all up in the New Year. Happy 2014, SYB Babes!



Naturalista Chicery at the CurlBox Meetup

Naturalista Chicery at the CurlBox Meetup

Karen Tappin and Myleik Teele, running thangs at their meet-up last night.


Hi girls! Last night, I found myself at what seemed to be the very epicenter of fab naturalista chic-ery — curlBOX’s soiree at famed Karen’s Body Beautiful in Fort Greene, BK. A little backstory: curlBOX, founded by my girl Myleik Teele, is a way to experience curly hair products at an insanely low price (for $20, subscribers received 5-7 samples a month). And Karen’s Body Beautiful spa carries a house brand of all-natural black hair products that are legendary among naturalistas (the Sweet Ambrosia Leave-in Conditioner is most coveted). Blended by the gloriously fro’d owner, Karen Tappin, the line is super-hydrating and restorative — and they smell divine.


Karen, Bobina and me! Funniest part of the event? A guy outside was banging congos -- and Bobina handed her doll to me so she could do a quick half-crump.


Naturally, I couldn’t wait to stop by — and I even brought my curly progeny, Miss Lina Bobina. I’ve covered a ton of natural hair meetups during my run at, but I’ve never attended one as an almost-chemical-free chica, myself. I saw the whole thing with brand new, covetous eyes! There were hundreds of swaggy bombshells there, with some of the sexiest ‘dos I’ve ever seen — ringlets, fros, waist-length dreads, twist-outs  — and makeup game for days.


I meeaaan...


I saw two particularly stunning girls outside in the block-long line…and being me, I attacked them, demanding to know their beauty secrets.




How CUTE, right? Here’s the tee from the chick on the left, Sherena, who’s been natural for a year and a half: “I’m wearing MAC Eyeshadow in Steamy…I thought the teal was a pretty contrast with the yellow. The lip is MAC Lipstick in Bubbles. And I make my own blend of shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil for my hair — I use it as a moisturizer and a twisting cream!”

The cutie on the right, Ingrid, has been chemical-free since ’09 and loves a statement lip: “It’s Wet & Wild Lipstick in Stoplight Red. I love the pop, plus I’m trying to keep it cost effective! And I’m a huge fan of Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner and the Bee Mine Curly Butter.”

Sigh. Forget celebs and models, sometimes the most inspiring/aspirational looks come from the chick up the block. Ladies, what makeup and hair looks are inspiring you these days?


Bobina, finding inspiration at the meetup from her lovely new friend :)