Naturalista Chicery at the CurlBox Meetup

  Hi girls! Last night, I found myself at what seemed to be the very epicenter of fab naturalista chic-ery — curlBOX’s soiree at famed Karen’s Body Beautiful in Fort Greene, BK. A little backstory: curlBOX, founded by my girl Myleik Teele, is a way to experience curly hair products... read more

SYB Interview: curlBOX Creator, Myleik Teele

I’m still a good year from being a-hunnid percent natural, but I still got all giddy when I heard about curlBOX. For a $20 fee, curlBOX members receive an exclusive gift box stocked with five-to-seven naturalista hair product samples! I mean, genius. As every curly girl knows, you have to... read more