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SYB Freebie: 5 Origins A Perfect World BB Creams

SYB Freebie: 5 Origins A Perfect World BB Creams

Hola mis amigas! First off, shout out to Denene@MyBrownBaby for winning last week’s SYB Freebie, the Kiehls Aromatic Blends Orange Blossom Collection! I asked you to describe the first fragrance you fell in love with, and her response — about her dearly departed mom’s Fashion Fair lotion — moved all of us to tears. Gorgeous writing, Ms. Denene.

Enter to win FIVE of these babies.

And now, for this week’s SYB Freebie. I’m giving away FIVE of my favorite BB Cream on the planet, Origins A Perfect World SPF 15 BB Cream! This is huge. I’ve tried them all and to me, Origins has the prettiest finish and the best selection of shades for brown women (Smashbox rules too, but sweet baby Jesus, they’re forever sold out). And the ethereal glow, lightweight coverage and all-day moisture it provides is just…well, it’s utterly transforming. To be one of the five winners, hit the comments section and ask me your most pressing beauty question. Oh, and only girls who “like” my FB page are eligible! The SYB Babes with the most interesting/timely/universal questions win :)

And speaking of Origins, here’s a fun little video of me hosting the “green carpet” for their annual Origins Rocks Earth Month Concert featuring Gavin DeGraw. I really feel that the orange lip makes the whole moment. Thoughts?

Love ya, mean it!  xoxo, Tia

SYB Freebie: Essie Nail’s ‘Bikini So Teeny’ Summer Collection

SYB Freebie: Essie Nail’s ‘Bikini So Teeny’ Summer Collection

First things first, hats off to Cecilia M, who won the first of my five Carol’s Daughter Transitioning Kit ($40) giveaways! Her comment describing her natural hair icon was so charming:

“Mine is the random lady from the beauty counter at my local mall. Her Diana Ross-esque ‘do is ever-changing, her accessories are to die for, and she always looks so poised and confident. Meanwhile, there I stand across from her in my full wig — sweaty and unoriginal — trying to convince myself that my wig has a natural-looking closure. When secretly, all I dream about is looking like this natural goddess.”

To win the second Transitioning Kit, describe your favorite way to dress up your natural/transitioning tresses!

Aaand now, check out this week’s SYB Freebie: Essie’s ‘Bikini So Teeny’ summer 2012 collection ($8 per bottle)! Oh girls, these shades are so lusciously vibrant, so eye-catching, so…edible-looking, like sorbet or gelato or tropical Starbursts. In the prettiest possible way! Fear or Desire is the bright orange, Off the Shoulder is the smoking hot pink, Cascade Cool is a shimmery pale pink, Bikini So Teeny (my fave) is an all-eyes-on-me sky blue, All Tied Up = bronze goddess realness, and Mojito Madness (my second fave) is a feisty, festive lime.

To win the entire collection, hit the comments section and tell me what nail polish you’re wearing RIGHT NOW, and why you adore it/feel “meh” about it/loathe it. Best one wins!

xo, Tia

SYB Freebie: Smooth ‘N Shine Keratin Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer

SYB Freebie: Smooth ‘N Shine Keratin Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer

Hi girls! So we have a winner for last week’s SYB Freebie, the righteous L’Occitane Almond Shaping Delight – Keesha! I’d asked you to tell me your favorite spa treatments, and hers was so cute:

“There’s nothing better than a good seaweed wrap….uber-relaxing! I had one on my honeymoon cruise, and it made me feel so sultry and other world-ly. I’m sure I looked like Swamp Thing, but in my head, I was a green version of Zoe Saldana’s character in Avatar.”


And now for this week’s bit of fabulous free swag! Smooth ‘N Shine Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer is an insanely easy new at-home keratin treatment, blended with super-smoothing Keratin 4 and aloe proteins. If you don’t know, keratin treatments are a less invasive way to smooth curls  — a great alternative to relaxers, since they doesn’t disturb your natural curl pattern, just calm down the puff and frizz. And the treatments cost $100s at salons! You can slap this one in in the comfort of your own bathroom and breeze out looking like Thandie Newton. You’ll love.

To win, tell me your funniest/craziest/silliest DIY beauty moment. Could be plucking your own brows, doing your own wax, applying haircolor, anything. The most memorable one wins!



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