Votre Vu’s French Accents Nourishing Moisture Tint & Concealer

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Say YouBeauty, Say MeBeauty

Say YouBeauty, Say MeBeauty

Hi ladies!  So for the next couple of months, I’m freelancing at YouBeauty.com (you know, Dr. Oz’s super-snazzy, sciency-beauty site?).  So fun.  Except for that the offices are in SoHo, which means I’m surrounded by boutiques and cafes.  Which means I’m gorging myself on peplum and pastries.  YOLO!

Girls, a fascinating product just came across my desk: Votre Vu’s French Accents Nourishing Moisture Tint & Concealer.  This palm-sized tube all but holds the secrets of the universe!  The tube itself contains a deliciously lightweight, botanically-blended tinted moisturizer that doesn’t really provide coverage, but gives skin a sweet radiance boost (that’s also due to the collagen, which plumps up fine lines a bit).  Here’s the kicker.  In the cap, there is a matching concealer and a little mirror for your application pleasure.  Seriously?  My undereye bags and peaked migraine skin will be taken care of with one multi-tasking miracle-worker?


My shade is Love Me Deux, which is the darkest — but again, it’s sheer so it’s not about finding a color-on-color match, just a general tone.  Wicked smaht!

xoxo, Tia

PS…today’s title is a play on Lionel Richie’s “Say You, Say Me.”  You know, just in case you were born in the Nineties or something.