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Sketchy Lace Front, Sexy Lip Gloss

Sketchy Lace Front, Sexy Lip Gloss

Products6725-700x700-173383Everyone has a Fairy Beauty Godmommy. Tia’s is Iman — and mine is, well, Tia. Thanks to Shake Your Beauty, I spent my entire 23rd year rocking Revlon’s Raisin Glaze, and invested in satin pillow cases when she advised that it might be less than sexy to sleep in a scarf with my new boyfriend. I listen to all her advice.

Almost all of it.

In a 2012 post, she cautioned against wearing lace front wigs and heavy lashes if you’re not on tour or on the red carpet. But see, I’m going to the Dominican Republic for eight days of sexy sunning with my not-so-new-anymore-boo. I’m also transitioning to natural. So there’s no way I’m hitting the beach without faux hair help. I usually get a SVW — i.e., a Special Vacation Weave. I even name them (my favorite is Bianca, a shoulder-length straight ‘do that looked so real I got confused about which parts were my real hair). But this time I decided to do a full-closure lace front. No, I never considered that I might look like Wendy Williams. It’s a mess. I’m scalp-less and rocking a fake hairline. Now I notice chicks with bad lace fronts and wonder how did that happen to you, hon? I want to compile their stories and, like, do an expose. “When Bad Weaves Destroy Cute Girls.” But whatever, at least my delicate transitioning hair will be protected from the super-drying salt water and 90 degree sun. And I’ll just hide it with a straw fedora.

#NoScalp #NoHairline

#NoScalp #NoHairline #NoShade

Since my hair situation will be a tad sketch, my makeup game has to be flawless! My go-to beach beauty essential is Bobbi Brown Coral Cabana lipgloss. It’s the prettiest orange-y pink sheer shade…and it lasts for hours. Hours! It practically binds to my lips. Plus, it makes me look glowy, tan and breezily sexy. A tropical vacation non-negotiable. Every time I reach for it, I thank Tia for introducing me to lipgloss — and I remember that life’s too short to learn all the lessons on your own. Sometimes you just have to heed the warnings.

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Me, Amoy & My Ombre Weave!

Me, Amoy & My Ombre Weave!

Girls! Today The Fly Cut launches it’s second featured salon, Amoy Couture Hair! Now, if you haven’t heard of seriously sought-after celeb weavologist, Amoy Pitters, allow me to introduce her: She’s simply the genius behind some of the best ‘dos in celebdom — Naomi, Iman, Selita, Joy Bryant, Joan Smalls, and on and on. Basically, if you’re black and at all glamorous, Madame Pitters has had something to do with your hair. Plus, she’s just cool as shit.

And because she’s so maje, we simply had to offer some serious deals to her services — not just a weave with the master (mistress?), but also a wash and cut!! Hit www.theflycut.com to get into our unbelievable discounts.

The other thing about Amoy? She’s gorgeous, and has some seriously aspirational hair. This is great for business, because clients come in and want her hair. I am not immune. Earlier this spring (before I chopped my locks into a lob), I stopped by Amoy’s and fell in love with her stunning ombre sitch. I needed it — but since half of my hair was relaxed, I wasn’t trying to add bleach on top of it.

Amoy, shrugging: Let’s give you an ombre weave, then.

Me: A…weave? But I’ve never had a weave! I’m both terrified and titillated right now!

Amoy: You act like you’re getting some around-the-way look, with synthetic hair and an awkward closure. It’s an Amoy weave, you know I’ll hook it up.


I was convinced. And she did hook it up. It was crazy, because the actual weave was the same length as my hair, and the Indian hair looked like mine post-blowout — so it really looked natural. Especially since she left out my front layers and about an inch along the nape of my neck. That way, I could pull it up in a pony and no one was the wiser. I loved it! The cornrows took getting used to, I must say. I slept with a fine-tooth comb in my fist, so I could scratch my scalp with the sharp part all night. ** DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME **



I loooved it! I rocked it from March to May. Sooo great for transitioning. Having most of my hair braided up allowed it to grow safely and protected it from mad heat-styling and random environmental damage.  When she took out the weave, my hair was softer than ever…and shockingly long. Check out the whole thing, here…and go get your Amoy on!!



Angela Simmons Wants You To Buy Her Hair!

Angela Simmons Wants You To Buy Her Hair!

Years ago, I had a black man-loving white girlfriend of mine say the following:

“It sounds so bad to say, but no wonder black guys don’t like sleeping with black girls. Yuck, all that scratchy, fake hair. No one wants to run their hands through that!”

She was that particular strain of non-black girl who felt that she could make racial comments to me, because I’m “different” somehow. You know the type. The comment was so extravagantly dumb, I didn’t waste my breath saying “you developed a philosophy on race and sexuality based on a drunken makeout sesh with a synthetic weave-wearing Jamaican chick at a BBQ? Vamoose, you square-hipped slut!”

Yeah, black girls wear weaves. Many, many white girls do too! Hello? Of course, when they’re attached to Blake Lively (my crush on this woman is painful) or an OC Housewife, they’re  called “extensions!” Extensions, weaves, whatever — if you bought it, it’s yours! Rock it proudly and sexily! The great news? With all the fancy, boutique-y human hair retailers cropping up in major cities, the tress quality is more silky-sexy and lustrous than ever. Enter adorable Angela Simmons, rap royalty, reality star and burgeoning hair company mogul. This month, Rev Run’s spunky daughter partnered with super-fancy Indique Hair to launch her very own extension line! It’s called ‘Bikini,’ because the hair is wavy/curly when it’s wet — the perfect beach hair! Here, I had a quick chat with the entrepreneur:

SYB: So, why are your extensions so glorious?

Angela Simmons: I designed them with the Indique team, so it’s the highest quality human hair. Indian hair. I spend a lot of time on the beach, so I like my hair to look cute when it’s wet and dry. The Bikini line is so versatile.

SYB: Why did you decide to expand your business to include hair?

AS: It’s something I do a lot of, changing up my hair. Everyone wants to know where I get my hair from, so I wanted to let people in on my secrets! I started wearing full head weaves at 19 and I really love them — it’s a great way to try a new trend, or change up your color while protecting your real hair.

SYB: Any tips on keeping your weave fresh in the summertime?

AS: Get regular hair followups at the salon! Also, when you wash your hair, make sure it’s dry underneath. You don’t want to have your cornrows wet and the weave dry. Also, I’m a huge fan of Carol’s Daughter Tui Moisturizing Hair Sheen — a quick spritz makes your weave look so glossy and healthy!

BIKINI from Angela Simmons by Indiqué Hair will retail for $210-$305, starting June 21st.