Sketchy Lace Front, Sexy Lip Gloss

Hi ladies, Everyone has a Fairy Beauty Godmommy. Tia’s is Iman — and mine is, well, Tia. Thanks to Shake Your Beauty, I spent my entire 23rd year rocking Revlon’s Raisin Glaze, and invested in satin pillow cases when she advised that it might be less than sexy to sleep... read more

Me, Amoy & My Ombre Weave!

Girls! Today The Fly Cut launches it’s second featured salon, Amoy Couture Hair! Now, if you haven’t heard of seriously sought-after celeb weavologist, Amoy Pitters, allow me to introduce her: She’s simply the genius behind some of the best ‘dos in celebdom — Naomi, Iman, Selita, Joy Bryant, Joan Smalls,... read more

Angela Simmons Wants You To Buy Her Hair!

Years ago, I had a black man-loving white girlfriend of mine say the following: “It sounds so bad to say, but no wonder black guys don’t like sleeping with black girls. Yuck, all that scratchy, fake hair. No one wants to run their hands through that!” She was that particular... read more